Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Family! 

What a wonderful time of year it is to be able to remember our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  I hope you all have felt of his love throughout this whole year as well during this special season.  Remember that one way our Loving Heavenly Father shows our love for us is through our families. Yes the gifts are fun and exciting, but 20 years from now all you are going to remember is how amazing the turkey (Maybe that's just me since I'm fat) was and all the good family memories.  

Well this week was a great one and a really hard one at the same time! I was able to go to the temple on Tuesday with my zone and another one.  It was amazing!  There were so many missionaries and the Spirit was so strong the whole time.  In my opinion the greatest gift God gave us after his Son and families are the temples.  They bring so much comfort and joy to the heart.  Always strive to make the temple an important part of your week.  Even if you only have time to pull into the parking lot and sit on the grounds for 5 minutes do it!  The Lord will bless you as make and effort to remember and keep the convents that you have made with him.  The rest of the week was just straight up work and the only reward being a deeper conversion.  It is hard to not see success, but its during these times that we grow the most.  I am excited to skype home and see my gorgeous family.  It will be a tender mercy much needed.  Also I am just flippin excited for the amazing feast I am about to enjoy in a few days.  I love the Slough ward! 

Well the spiritual thought I have for this week is short.   

"Choose you this day whom ye will serve... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

I choose to serve the Lord and to obey his commandments.  I invite everyone to come and partake of his love.  I love everyone and welcome all who wish to share the wonderful happiness and joy his gospel brings.  I know that Christ lives and that through him we all may be saved.  He is the light and life of the world.  I pray that we will humble ourselves and allow his atonement to take full affect in our life and in the life to come.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Have a very Merry Christmas! LOVE YA'LL TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

The London Temple
Looks like he is putting weight on!

Here is a little from the letter he wrote me
(He will call Christmas Eve to let us know what time we can Skype on Christmas Day)

Hey pops! 

Thank you for setting that up and the members home I will be at has skype on the computer.  I will probably be calling between 1 and 2.  and will probably just call your cell phone so mom doesn't cry:)  The temple was so amazing and much needed.  The grounds at the temple are gorgeous and there were so many missionaries! We had to bring in about 5 extra chairs to fit everyone in the endowment room.  I love President Millar.  He is such a cool guy.  Cool side note his mission president was Bruce R. Mcconkie.  And President Millar is a lot like him haha. Also the senior couple in our ward Elder Boone was once the MTC mission president at Provo.  And I get rides from them all the time so that is very humbling.  Investigator wise we are really slow, but just means more hard work.  I will probably be getting transferred in february most likely.  But transfers are next week so there is always a chance.  I don't want to talk about to much so we can have fun on Wednesday.  Also will I be skyping home and seeing everybody? 

So glad to hear you are doing well from you surgery!  Missionary blessings are the best.  I honestly believe that I meant to be on a mission right now so that you and mom have more blessings and support in the hard times right now.  Don't worry about not telling me about radiation.  I know why you did it and am grateful for it.  Just don't do it again:)  My conversion is deeper then you think and the only way I'm going home is either in a coffin or with honor.  I love you so much and talk to ya tomorrow:) LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ

Elder Wilson

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