Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

This week was pretty run of the mill week. We had a lot of service for members which was really nice since it has been so hot and sunny. Just getting normal clothes on and working hard always feels good. Elder Gibbons also lost our phone so this is the third time one of my companions has done something so that we don't have a phone. Luckily the zone leaders had an extra phone so we could use that for now.  We had a really hard time getting in contact with our investigators this week, but Heavenly Father still blesses us with so many miracles! After getting our new phone we walked out to the middle of nowhere to knock the door of this former investigator. At first we didn't want to go because it was so far away, but we decided to do it. Well we knock on the door and ask for James. He tells us to come in and so we do. He then leaves for a little bit and comes back out in trousers and says "Hi, I'm James." It took everything I had to not laugh. Anyway he is from the Philippines and knows so much about the church! We had a really good lesson and he accepted a baptismal date as well for May 23! Was such a cool miracle! After when we were about to leave he was like you can't leave until I feed you. So he made us a huge thing of pasta and a massive piece of chocolate cake.  Not everyday that you knock on a random door in the middle of nowhere and get fed.. especially in England!

The other cool miracle was at church. Two of our investigators bailed on us Sunday morning so before leaving for church we prayed there would be a miracle and someone would come to church. While we were greeting people at the door up walks this middle eastern man.  He was a former investigator who was taught by Elder Redd who had gone to Pakistan to help his dying father and just showed up randomly! It was amazing to see God just keep answering our prayers.  All of our investigators and baptismal dates right now are former investigators so they are miracles! All you missionaries out there doing former work! I have had two people I have found from formers in past areas get baptized.  

Other then that our week was pretty good. We have Ipad training this week on Wednesday in Crawley! So not only are we getting ipads soon, but get to go back to one of my old areas! Can't wait! Plus it will be the first time on my mission the whole mission will be gathered together in one area. Going to be epic since half of my companions go home next week:( Life is great an enjoying everyday in the ELSM(England London South Mission)!! 

Have a great week and LOVE YOU TO SHREDZZ!!  

Elder Wilson

P.s. Shout out to my cousin for getting married last week! She is hot mate.. I mean you did well and she is beautiful;) 

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

I just love this ward and area so much! I also love Elder Gibbons so much! The work is going so well for both us and the Sisters in Kingston. Heavenly Father is truly blessing us with many sheaves laden on our backs.  Last P-day Elder Gibbons and I went back to Windsor (our first area) to visit one of our favorite members the Saab's! They have three boys who are 16, 14, and 12.  We just chilled, played some guitar, and caught up on how things were going. It was so cool to be able to go back to my first area after leaving it nearly 16 months ago. I could still remember all the streets and how to get to places and of course seeing Windsor Castle was awesome! I love this work! 

We have slowly been increasing our teaching pool little by little. We were finally able to get contact with our baptismal date Antony who has been having phone and housing problems. We will have to move his date back but he is so solid! He just keeps telling us that he knows 100% that God will give him an answer and lead him in the right path. His prayers are amazing as well! He is really open to.  He was Catholic and realized they didn't follow the bible at all really so he went Pentecostal and saw that they didn't really follow the bible either so he is an honest seeker of truth and it is amazing! He is also from Africa so I want to baptize him so bad haha. Our 13 and 11 year investigators Soli and Isaac are doing really well. Teaching them more often and playing football .My skills are getting pretty amazing, but they also came to church this week! They are just the coolest nicest kids.  Brendon is taking it slower, but is doing really well.  One of the less actives we are working wit Avril came to church! She is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She has gone through a lot, but wow she is just amazing! We also picked up a new guy named Ponoaj who is Indian. He wants to be baptized and is super cool. We were just calling numbers on a really old potentials list and bam! He met up with us! God is great! 

Had a really awesome District Meeting since President Millar was there! First time that has happened for me. I just love that man and Sister Millar so much! Had two great dinners with two American families in the wards. The Barlow's we saw on Thursday and they are awesome. Every American in the ward has the biggest house and nicest cars! They are minted! Had a really amazing spiritual thought with them were the Spirit was so strong! We have been doing Bishops challenge to the ward and it is great! We also ate at the Jones last night and they have 4 daughters! Bro Jone's is a manly man to and so it reminds me of the tv show with Tim Allen and his three daughters haha.  They are 13, 10,8, and 4 and super cute.  The 8 year old is named Elsa! They would leave me alone and kept  trying to hold my hand and to jump on the tramp with them.  There poor dad is going to have his hands full when they are older haha.  Did the same spiritual thought with them and at the end we say a kneeling prayer and ask for a moment of silence at the end to ponder and they said "Good Luck!". Well at the end they were quit and Bro Jones said he doesn't think he has ever had that happen like that for that long before. I LOVE THE SPIRIT! 

Funny story: We took our bikes in to see how much they would cost fix and it would be way over £100. We needed to get rid of them some how so we decided to takes the locks off and see if someone would just steal them for us haha. so we took the bike locks off and put them to the side of our flat. and less then 24 hours hours they were stolen. England is great and I love those people for taking them off our hands!

This church is the only true and living church on the face of the earth and Christ is at the helm! I know this to be true with every fiber of my being! Joseph Smith was called of God to be his Prophet in these latter days. I love this work and the joy it has brought to me and my family! Most of all I love Christ and all that he as done for me.  He is is our Savior and Redeemer and invites all to Come unto Him! 


Elder Wilson

Crazy nights with Elder Gibbons and Isaac Saab! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hello everybody! 

Well been quite a busy week. Been teaching lots of people and going all over the place.  Our baptismal date Brendon has been feeling pressure to be baptized by the 25. He says he wants to be baptized, but on his own terms and when he finds out if the Book of Mormon is true or not.  I'm just happy he realizes it all depends on the Book of Mormon so we will be helping him with that.  Elder Gibbons has been struggling with a lot of family problems and friends going less active so we have been taking it sorta of slow.  It has been hard to not just go out and get it, but Elder Gibbons is still a boss and teaches so good! We just have to work on his focus, but other then that we are doing really well. I love the guy to death. He is so dang funny and he is going to hook me up with the Irish girls when he gets home haha.  

I had exchange with the zone leaders this week. This time I went to Staines with Elder Harris so I got the car! It is so nice having a car.  You just drive, get out and find, teach, and then drive.  It is wonderful! We had to drive the Sisters in my District around both days for their exchange so that took up lots of time.  But while we were driving Elder Harris moved into this lane and then we sat there forever! Elder Harris is freaking out wondering why we aren't moving so I look a little ahead and realize that he had pulled behind a row of parked cars haha! We sat there for like 7 minutes with him thinking there was someone in the car. The other funny thing was that when we had gotten to an area to knock before a dinner appointment Elder Harris locked the keys in the car! So we did some finding, had dinner, taught the nonmembers, and then chilled at the members house till 10:15 waiting for the spare keys!  It was pretty dang funny.  I learned so much from Elder Harris and how to just be effective with everything from use of  time to serving others. It was a great exchange! 

We also got bikes! Elder Harris and I picked them up and they are so old. So Elder Gibbons and I ride like the wind to this dinner to find out my bike had no brakes and vibrates and the gears don't work and his bike has something wrong with the chain and the seat is broken.  Short story our butts and legs are still sore and I have not felt that tired in so long since are area is huge! We don't ride them since they are to dangerous so that means new bikes! We did some service for the Smith family who feel like older siblings or my cousins. They have a little 7 month old girl who is just so cute! We painted all day and they were like sorry we want to watch a movie so they put How to Train Your Dragon 2 on! "By accident"- Lewis.  I would have been fine if I had already seen the movie, but one of the movies I wanted to see so bad they put on haha. We just tried to keep busy painting, but still saw a little of it.  Looks awesome though! I also love my Bishop and this ward so much! It feels like an American ward with a touch of English and everyone is so posh (rich)! Love my area!

Well I hope you all have a great week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

Temple with Elder Heninger last week and did you know we have wild parrots in England! Freaking love this country of diversity! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Well had a pretty great week! We have another baptismal date for May 2! He is super prepared and just an awesome guy! Don't have much time for his story, but we basically were chilling in our P-day clothes on a train and he walked up to us and he is former and now he wants to be baptized! Who knew missionary work could be so easy! Was able to go to the temple this morning! I love that place so much and it is just has the greatest Spirit! Take advantage of the Temple! God will bless you so much for it! Also got to go through with Elder Heninger which was sweet! Who would have thought two boys from Herriman, Utah would be sitting together in a temple halfway across the world! LOVE THIS CHURCH! 

Conference was amazing and I loved every single moment of it as always! Of course they would raise the bar for young single adults right before I go home. Dang it! Just kidding everything Elder Ballard said I was already planning to do ages ago haha.  I felt like that talks about Shiblon and Not seeking leadership were directed at me. I have spent my whole mission never having leadership or training and it has been really hard. But a few weeks ago I really learned that if you are making Heavenly Father happy by doing what you are suppose to and bring souls unto Christ then you are cherished and loved by Heavenly Father. So if your older brother gets 71 versus in scriptures and your younger brother 99 versus and you only get 15 versus then you are doing well! I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for all that it brings into my life! The church is true! The greatest message we can share with the world is the resurrection of Jesus Christ! 

Have a great week and love you to shredzz!! 


Elder Wilson