Monday, August 26, 2013

Letter #2 from the field

Looks like he will have his first baptism soon!

Well the last few days have been really hard, but i'm getting the the hang of things.  I hope Robbie is enjoying is first day of school and gunnar his second week.  

Slough may be in England but it is not like the rest of England.  There are over 100 different races with there only being about 200 in all of England.  Every person i talk to speaks a different language or accent and I have yet to talk to anyone with a british accent.  I had my first lesson on saturday with a guy from Ghana and I committed him to baptism with date set for the september 28th.  He is a golden contact.  He has a friend in Salt Lake that said he needed to join our church because the people are so great.  S he found a Book of Mormon and studies it on his work breaks and studies the bible a ton at home.  He says he only believes things that come from the bible and has done a lot of research about our church.  He accepts the restoration without a doubt and can't wait to hear about the plan of salvation.  

Contacting itself at first is awkward especially when people dont stop walking so you just follow them and talk.  I actually enjoy door knocking and have had only one door shut in my face surprisingly.  I have found that when i just go to work i forget about home but when i go back to our flatt infeel like i will see you guys there like i'm going home so that makes it hard.  my companion is great and is a big help for me.

I havent had any crazy food yet or members cook for is but we are suppose to have a dish called Fu Fu and its suppose to be good. I guess we will see.  There is a store ten minute walk from our flatt thats like a walmart where we buy everything and then cook at our place for every meal.  The weather has been pretty sunny and hot with humidity. This has been one of their hottest summers ever but its starting to cool off which is nice.  Had one day of rain and it was very nice.  Have workout time for. Half hour in the morning so i do just push ups and core work.  I already have lost a lot of mass compared to when i left.  Hopefully i answered all your questions! 

How are you doing? How is the family? Have you guys done good with the challenge?

Elder Wilson

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