Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey Family!

Well transfer are this week and I am super nervous.  I have been told that it is either your second or third companion that are you hardest ones.  It doesnt look like I will be training just because there are so few new missionaries coming in and much better qualified people to train them.  I am going to miss Elder Anderson so much and can't wait to hang out with him in Utah!

This week end and such a great note.  We found a golden new investigator and will be teaching her Thursday so I cannot wait for that.  She is so nice and amazing and just a lovely person.  She is from Africa which makes me happy cause then I can say my first baptism was a person from Africa and that I sorta of kind of was in Africa:)  We are still working with less actives a lot and starting to see the blessings of that happening.  Missionary work is just the best! It's funny though that when good things start happening Satan starts working even harder.  I have never felt the power of the adversary so much as I have on my mission.  It is real and it is scary.  He has such holds on the hearts of the people that it makes me cringe and want to cry because of the hold he has on them.  When you read in the scriptures about the prophets being weighed down with sorrow because of the wickedness they see I know how it feels.  It is an awful feeling and makes sharing the gospel so much more important.

The spiritual thought I have for this week is on being better Member Missionaries again.  The missionaries this month have had to teach the primary about how they can be missionaries now.  It has been nice to remember what it was like being so young and just dreaming of serving a mission.  I remember how it felt like it would never happen and that it was something old people do.  I was reading a talk by Robert C.
Oaks and that had a story about sharing the gospel that I really like so I thought I would share it with you.

Consider that you are invited to a friend's house for breakfast. On the table you see a large pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice from which you host fills his glass.  But he offers you none.
Finally, you ask, "Could I have a glass of orange juice?"

He replies, "Oh, I am sorry. I was afraid you might not like orange juice, and I didn't want to offend you by offering you something you didn't desire."

The orange juice is the gospel.  Now the gospel is much better then orange juice and yet we as members are afraid to share it because we might ruin a friendship.  I think it would be better to share it in this world then to pass through the veil and have our friends come up to us and say why didn't you share this with me!? If you are living the gospel the best you can your friends and family will see that it means a lot to you and that it affects your life for the better.  They will feel honored that you would want to share something precious to you with them.  They may not want to join, but don't get discouraged.
You will see that your friendship with them will be increased and you will find greater love for them.  Remember again that even the Christ himself was rejected by his own people.  When we share the gospel though we don't have to say they will be damned if they aren't baptized that minute.  A simple testimony or inviting them to meet with the missionaries in your home can be much more affected.  As you strive to do this you will feel closer to your heavenly father then you ever have before and you will see blessing coming in truck loads.
You will feel happier and more peace in your life then ever before even when things around you seem dark.  The First Presidency and Quroum of the Twelve have come out with a new way to for members and missionaries to work together.  It is call  THE WORK OF SALVATION.  I encourage you in you family home evenings and personal time to go on to lds.org and learn more about how you can hasten the work of salvation.  There are videos and topics you can watch and learn more about it.  Here are four simple steps we can do to better further the work of the Lord and be better member missionaries.

1. Identify prayerfully your friends and neighbors who would be the most receptive to the gospel message.

2. Introduce the identified individuals to the missionaries.

3. Involve yourself in the teaching of the gospel, preferably in your home.

4. Integrate your friends and any other new members into the Church by being attentive and helpful.

I know that as you do these things more and more people will want to join the church and it will be through you diligence and hard work that it will come to pass.  Remember that missionary work is hopeless if the members do not do their part in it.  We missionaries need your help and want to help you and see the miracles wrought by you.  I love you and hope you have an amazing week! Remember the Lord is with those who do his will!


Elder Wilson

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