Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2014

Collin must have been busy this week since he did not write a email to the whole family.  This is an insert from part of a letter he wrote to me(Dad)

Life is still going good for me and I keep loving missionary life more and more.  Home honestly feels like an imagnary world.  I feel like it never existed really.  Can't imagine what it will feel like when I have been out for ages.  I'm getting along well with Elder Stewart. He is such a funny guy.  He reminds me of Robbie in how he can remember all the funny lines from movies and youtube so well.  He is always quoting something funny when we're walking around and its the best! He told me that I'm the first companion he has had that he feels like he can be himself and not be judged for saying something weird.  Everybody keeps telling me that and its weird.  I don't feel like an example or a nice person, but I guess I am.  I don't it was just cool to hear him say that.  Helped me to know this will be a good relationship.

Elder Wilson

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