Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello Family!

Well I guess I am no longer a greeny anymore.  I have a new area and am on my third companion.  I was told that it is your second or third companion that will be our toughest, but that hasn't happened to me yet! I love Elder Green and his work ethic.  So far we get a long and have the same goals and ideas.  The area itself was opened 3 months ago so it has so much potential! It was quite a shock to find out that I was getting transferred, but looking back it was definitely something that needed to happen! I love the how the Lord knows when we need something and when we need it.  The thing I miss most about Slough is probably the coolest member ever named Robin.  He just new the scriptures so well and was exactly the person I need to help me get over my dumb fears and start becoming the missionary I needed to be! Plus I learned some great DIY traits helping remodel his whole home.  It was a great time in Slough. 

Nothing to exciting is going on yet since I am brand new and getting the hang of things, but we will possibly have 3 baptismal dates by the end of the week!  So that is flippin sweet! Also had a cool experience on the bus last night.  I was sitting there and notice a guy reading a the bible so I leaned over to Elder Green and told that we should go talk to him.  We sat down by him explained who we were and started talking to him.  He had a great faith in Christ and was very interested in the Book of Mormon.  We gave him one and he told us he wanted to meet again so that was awesome! I love how the Lord works and can give us tender mercies throughout the day. 

My spiritual thought is going to be a short one since I am running out of time, but it is on fear.  Now what is fear?  Fear is the opposite of faith and therefore destroys are faith and hope.  How do we get rid of fear?  By doing what the Lord tells us to do in D&C 6:36. "Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not."  That means  that we must push every negative thought and doubt out of our mind and onl say postive words and things about ourselves and others around us.  That even means sarcasm and little side jokes that are funny but don't need to be said.  Have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and cast away all fears and doubts.  We have no need to fear! We should fear nothing and no man.  Why?  Because we know that there is more then this life and that if we but focus our efforts on keeping the commandments and being the best person for ourselves and families we will have the power to do all things and overcome all things.  Our fears and doubts won't go away in an instant, but if we read and pray everyday and ask for the the Holy Ghost to guide our lives everyday we will find out how powerful of an instrument we can be in the Lord's hands and all our doubts and fears will be gone!


Elder Wilson

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