Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hello family and friends!

Well this week has just been a rollar coaster of emotions and working hard.  I now know why it is called missionary WORK.  This week i have never worked so hard both physically and spiritually. Preparing someone for baptism that is basically doing everything a member of the church shouldn't is defintly taxing on everything.  I have never been so excited for P-day so I can jut relax for two seconds before starting everything all over again.

When I came in we had an investigator that they had taught twice and been to church once.  She hadn't had a baptismal date yet, but we brought her to someones baptism and she said she wanted to do that.  So last Monday we extended the date.  She excepted.  Now we had to get her to quit smoking.  So we tried taking her tobacco, but she said it would be better if we hid it.  Well the next day she had one cigeratte.  So she tolds us to come over and take the tobacco and stuff to roll it. We had a good conversation and left.  Taught the Plan of Slavation Thursday and it went well.  She asked some deep questions that I didn't ask until I was a missionry haha.  She accepted the deep answers though and it was awesome.  She really loves the scriptures and if we show the laws in there she accepts it without a doubt.  Well we taught the law of chasity and realized there were evn more problems.  So we had to move the date back.  Well yesterday she found out about the law of tithing on her own and wanted to drop us since she couldn't do it cause it could affect her kids since she is young single mom.  Well we talked it over with her on the phone last night and atthe end she told us she hates calling us cause we always prove her wrong and she doesn't like that haha! We had her watch the talk by Elder Bednar on tithing and she liked it alot how it was put in there.  She then said she gets goose bumps all the time when talking to us and doing the things we ask her to do.  Elder Green and I just started shouting over the phone the gospel is true!!  It was so funny and epic!  She is going to be such a great member.  She will be teaching us the law of tithing tonight which is funny and will be interesting haha.  LOVE THIS WORK!

My spiritual thought this week is just the lesson I learned this week.  The Spirit it the one who converts people not the missionaries.  I new that was true but hadn't experienced it for myself until this week.  Elder Green and I aren't the greatest missionaries, but we just love all our investigators to death and teach the doctrine as plain and simply as we know how and it is amazing how the Spirit works with in our investgators.  One lady we taught had all these questions about after life and thought these different thngs, but her church said she was wrong.  Well we taught the Plan of Salvation and after she said "Wow that just makes sense."  It is amazing what the Spirit can do when we keep ourselves worthy and speak with power.  This is Christ church on the earth again and it is the only true and living church! Jesus is the Christ and he invites all to come unto him that are willing.  In the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

Have a great week and love ya to shredzz!!

Elder Wilson

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