Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hello family! 

Well really nothing to exciting happened this week.  Did a lot of knocking and street contacting.  Did go on the mainland twice this week which was awesome.  So that meant riding the hovercraft twice which is always fun.  Had exchange with the zone leaders.  I was suppose to go to South Hampton and live the zone leader life with a car but the night before they called saying they felt they needed to switch it so I stayed on the island!  It sucked but oh well still lots of fun.  Zone leaders are just a whole other missionary.  They work pretty hard.  Don't worry though I kept up just fine and showed them whats up;) The Sisters had a baptism which was awesome and a relief! There investigator has gone through a lot to be baptized.  He was a self referral and so golden.  He struggle with Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity so Elder Belnap and I gave him a blessing three weeks before his baptism.  Since then he has been extremely sick, dislocated his knee so he had to wear a huge full leg cast, fell and hurt his hip, his mom crashed into a wall and at the baptism the fire alarm went off right before we started!  But he still got baptized and on the first dunk! I was had to be in the water to help the guy performing it to get him out of the water since the investigator was a big guy and was only standing on one leg.  So was a great experience!  So glad to see him get baptized.  He is already talking about getting ready to serve a mission in a year! So cool! Other then that nothing to awesome happened this week.  Had some great news that two people I found and taught will be baptized this week and the following so I am just to excited and happy for them! The Gospel is so amazing and can truly change lives!  I LOVE IT!  

Have a great week and LOVE YA'LL TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

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