Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Hello family! 

Well it is August.  Feels like any other month just hot.  Feels like a normal week but in a few days  I will go over the hump and then my mission begins to end I slowly die. I remember when I came out how all I wanted to be was just 1 year out and now all I want is to have another two years ahead of me.  Of course I can't wait to see my family but nothing beats missionary life.  Hope the year goes by a little slow in a good way:) 

Well this week wasn't really all that spectacular.  We are slowly building are teaching pool so lots of finding and talking to people.  But we are slowly seeing some success.  We had zone conference this week which was amazing as always!  We had to wake up at 4am so we could catch the 5:15am bus to catch the 5:47am ferry to catch the 6:15am train to get to Staines at 9:30am :) Along the way we got confused with the trains back tracked a little but got there on time! We then were spiritually fed and it was great.  We then got back to our flatt at 8pm and had an hour to contact.  We met a great lady who didn't even want to talk to us but we just got to know her and at the end she was asking for a Book of Mormon and wanting to meet with us.  She said I know God had us meet here tonight! It was such an amazing blessing especially since we weren't planning on going out that night since we were so hungry and tired, but since it was the only hour we had to go do some work for that day we decided to work instead of eat.  Amazing how much the Lord will bless you when you sacrifice.  I love the verse in Praise to the Man that says " Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven." I have a firm testimony that it truly does bring more blessings then we can imagine or comprehend.  Rest of the week nothing to crazy or exciting happen.  We just have to keep on keeping on:)  We did see a red squirrel which was amazing!  They are so cute and red and crazy.  Well I hope you are all doing awesome and I LOVE YOU TO SHREDZZ!! 


Elder Wilson

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