Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

There is a country song that perfectly describes missionary life to a tee I just have to add one word in it.  

"God is great, root beer is good, and people are crazy."

This week was just full of meetings!  This month has just been full of meetings! I have only taken the sacrament once this month and have probably sat through at least 20 hours of meetings this week and I'm only a grunt work missionary with no responsibility!  I hope I never become a zone leader.  The church and all there meetings haha. 

Monday we went bowling for P-day.  Were suppose to go with the sisters but the member that was coming couldn't so Elder Allen and I had  a little bro date and played 8 games of bowling! Man we were both so sore the next couple days.  Yes and just as a side I won 5 out of the 8 games.  It was intense and I have learned that I am so out of shape.  Tuesday was DLC.  Just where the district leaders go and chat with the zone leaders for hours on end about what we are going to do this transfer to be better and set some goals.  Had a good dinner with some members after which is always the greatest.  Taught them how and why we teach the Restoration the way we do.  It was really good and effective.  That is right over here in the London South Mission we train our members.  No petty spiritual thoughts. Just kidding Spiritual thoughts are always good too.  Wednesday we went back down to the southern part of the island to finish knocking that road with the red squirrel.  Nothing happened expect for epicness and God showing his love for me.  We walked up to the same tree we saw the red squirrel last time and yes there in that big tree was a beautiful red squirrel. This time I got lots of pictures and videos.  To awesome!  We then also found whilst walking down the road the smallest church building in England in the 12 century.  It was free to walk in and see.  It was really small and pretty dang cool.  We had a really good teach with our investigator Mark. Watch Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration with him at members house eating ice cream.  It was great! Mark makes movies and is an actor so he really appreciated it.  Really cool! He also showed us a movie he made that was 15 minutes long and it was actually pretty dang good!  

Thursday we had a funeral for a member that died in the ward. I never knew her cause she had a stroke right before I came in and then died.  She was 90 and seemed like the coolest member! We then ate over at a members home.  Tried to train them on how to give a proper referral and we had an epic lesson planned out that was spiritually up lifting and then they just like ruined it by talking the entire time on how missionaries do things wrong and why they don't give them referrals.  Even though in our lesson we would cover those concerns and how to overcome them.  So frustrating.  FAMILY! If missionaries come into your home don't talk forever and do the things you are asked with willingness and a cheerful heart.  The Lord will bless you as you do this.  After that we took the ferry over to South Hampton to stay at the zone leaders flatt to go to zone conference the next day.  Had fun there! 

Zone Conference was great.  We had an area seventy Elder Adler there. He and his wife were just so great.  Learned so many things that I can be better at and was a great spiritual recharge. Also got to see for the first time in a year two elders that went home early but returned this last transfer.  They were in my very first district and it was the greatest joy to see them back out in the mission field. I truly felt like Alma when he son the Sons of Mosiah again.  Such and amazing feeling! Rest of the week was just finding and the stake conference.  Was just supercharged this week with the Spirit and ready to just thrash the nations with His Spirit! I love this gospel so much and I know that it is true and that this is the ONLY true  church on the earth.  If we will but humble ourselves and pray and ask God to know if it is true and be willing to act on that answers he will pour out his Spirit upon us and we can know for ourselves that it is true.  

I love you all to shredzz and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Wilson

Pictures are of the red squirrel and the Elder Clark and Elder Probst who came back! 

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