Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Well it was a good week.  We had YSA Family Home Evening on Monday. Only one YSA showed up but he wanted to stay so it was basically a missionary FHE. It was still a lot of fun.  We played the game where you write or draw a picture to the person next to you and then you go around asking questions to what or who you are.  I basically am the worse at that game.  The funniest thing though was that when I was asking questions for mine the only things I got from the people were.  It is condemned by God, but two missionaries would like to have it but not the YSA that showed up. See if you can figure it out.  Okay I'll tell you.... It was the the Ring in Lord of the Rings.  WHAT THE HECK! SO DUMB. 

On Tuesday we just got flogged on everything so we just did finding and worked hard can't really remember that day in all honesty haha.  Wednesday we did a lot more finding and visited a less active member who is struggling with anti.  I personally don't understand why people struggle with anti.  Its like just read, pray, and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true and no anti can or will affect you.  Questions are good to have but we should not let them forget what we believe and know to be true.  If we truly trust in God then we will not go astray.  Anyway we saw another less active and he just basically is happy where his life is and doesn't want to change, but is okay with the punishment he will get from God.  So sad.  Oh well just got to keep visiting and loving him!  Thursday we had District Meeting.  We also saw Pam my recent convert.  She had slipped and fallen in the bathroom and bruised her ribs real bad.  Poor girl!  Bishop gave her a blessing and we taught her a really good lesson about the Holy Ghost.  It was epic.  We then did balloon contacting.  Its where you put scripture into a balloon and then ask people to pop it.  I was surprised at how many people are scared of balloons haha.  So funny. But we had some success from it. We did it Saturday as well and it was even more successful. We hand out two book of Mormon's got some details.  The best part of the whole night was when these two Born Agains came up and started chatting with us.  It was a good chat and then they left and little bit later chased us down and gave us two books they had written! It was really cool cause they were expensive but being a missionary has its perks:) Can read some Born Again doctrine if they have any that is? 

Anyway back to Thursday.  After balloon contacting we met with our baptismal date who then had to drop her date because she has been living with her partner for 4 years and wont move out or get married. But she really wants to find a faith in God so that is good! Love her to death! Friday we met with our neighbor and taught the Restoration to her.  She said she didn't like going to church or reading but she has now come to church twice and wants to read the Book of Mormon! Is so awesome what the Spirit can do! I just love this gospel so much!  The coolest part about Friday is my last companion Elder Belnap, his dad was in England this week and came to the Island Friday to meet Pam. So we went to dinner with them.  It was awesome being able to meet him and talk about how awesome and great Elder Belnap is! His wife and another missionaries wife gave us a bunch of American candy which was awesome! Pam was so funny around him and all excited about talking about Elder Belnap and I.  She is like are Grandma.  So awesome! Had a great time! Well that is basically all I got for ya this week!  Our Mission President committed us to do 4 hours of finding everyday this week and the promise is that we will have at least 4 new investigators.  Going to be exciting to see what happens!  

I hope you all have a great week this week and love ya to shredzz!! 

Happy Halloween and Love,
Elder Wilson! 

Pictures are of Elder Belnaps Dad, And some awesome random clone troopers in Newport! 

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