Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello Family!

I decide that I would write a letter to you guys that had everything that went on this last week that way no personel stuff is in it and you can send it to family and put it on the blog easier. I will then write personally to you guys after.

Well this week was much better and I'm adjusting a lot better.  I had my first really tough day in the field this last Wednesday and it just flat out sucked.  All our appointments fell through at the last minute so we basically street contacted all day and knocked doors.  Not one person wanted to hear from us the whole day until the last guy we talked to right before we got back to our flat. He was muslim, but didn't argue and thought it was cool we wanted to talk to him and share our message with him.  He didn't want us to come over but said he admired us and when we walked away said "Hope you find the truth"
haha:)  I had never been so happy to seen my bed that night and just poured out my heart to Heavenly Father asking that the next day would be better since we didn't have any appointments again so we would be contacting most of the day.  After our morning study we headed out to start talking people. Nobody would listen to us and it was a rough afternoon.  So after lunch we decided to go over to Windsor which is about 3 miles from Slough and knock a street we hadn't finished yet.
The first door we knocked the lady was busy but wanted to hear more later so we have an appointment with her tomorrow:)  The next half hour we didnt have any luck, but we did get some quick lessons in with prayer or as they call it "Street Teaches" so that was uplifting since we hadn't any for awhile.  We were knocking on our last door before leaving to go visit a less active in the area.  It was my turn to start the conversation and when the door open a black guy was there and I said that we are christion missionaries here to share a message about Christ and how we can build our faith in him.  He immediatly invited us in so we could talk to him and his brother.  They are both muslims, but want to learn about the christian faith. So we shard a message with them about Christ and Joseph Smith.  They want us to come back this Saturday so they could have time to read the Book of Mormon and have more questions for us.  Even though they are muslim I was told in the MTC that if someone invites you into their home God has prepared them and they are ready to accept the gospel whether we baptize them or other missionaries down the rode do it they will be batized soon.  Elder Anderson and I were so happy our prayers had been answer and we were getting some new investigators.  We then went to the less actives home who other elders in our district had tried to contact but couldn't.  She was in when we knocked though!  We asked if we could come by next Friday since its her only day off from work and she said yes and then asked us to come in a share a message right there.  We shared a message on faith and how we can strengthen it.
She was batized three years ago and still studies the scriptures and prays all the time.  She just has hard time going to church because of work and low confidence.  She loves the gospel and shares it with her two girls who say the sweetest prayers about for their mom.  She then asked us about the temple and how she wants to do family history but doesn't know how to get started.  So we are preparing our lesson for her this Friday about temple and family history.  The next three days were great and we got a couple more new investigators and lots of street teaches.

Its amazing how when you put your faith and trust in the Lord he will preform miracles.  I know that he was testing Mine and Elder Andersons faith the day we had no success.  And because we showed we had faith in him that he would help us he blessed us the rest of the week.  I know that that won't happen everytime, but it really strengthened me.

I have been reading two books and they are Our Search for Happinness and Our Heritage.  They are both great books about the restoration and history of our church.  They are simple yet powerful.  I encourage everyone who is a member or nonmember to read them.  To end on a spiritual note remember that it is upon the "Rock of Our Redeemer"
that we can be saved.  I know without a doubt that if you build your foundation upon Christ that you will be strong and steadfast in what trials and temptations satan throws at us.

I hope all is well at home and everyone is striving everyday to be better in someway.


Elder Wilson

Forgot to add this to my email for the family.  I was talking to our zone leader and he compared the mission field to a rocket taking off.
He said that when a rocket takes off it has to use 90% of its fuel to get out of the earths atmosphere, but then for the rest of its journey and back home it uses the rest of the 10%. He said in the mission field you are going to be putting out a ton of effort in the first few months and its going to be hard.  But once you clear those months the rest is easier and you sail right on home before you know.  It really lifted my spirits to hear this and know everything will be better in a few months:)  Also Dad can you give me updates on football games for high school, college and pro please:) Love ya guys!

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