Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hello Family!

Well this last week just flew by and was a very long one as well.
Most of the week was spent knocking and street contacting and there wasn't much success, but we did gain a few new investigators that look hopeful.  The highlight of my week was this Saturday since we got to have a first lesson and it was good one.  The lesson was with a Muslim, but he is African and from our discussion either looking for something new or just comparing his religions to Christianity. Elder Anderson and I are still not sure where he this will go.  We had a great discussion on about the restoration and the happiness it can bring to us and our family.  He seemed to believe everything we said especially when we bore our testimonies or showed scripture in both the Bible and Book of Mormon.  He said that he will start reading the Book of Mormon and pray about it to know if it is true and the things we have told him our true.  We will meet with him again on Saturday and are very excited to see what he has to say.  The only problem with him though is that he is very caught up in minor errors in the Kings James version of the bible and if its the word of god how come there are mistakes.  He wants us to have an answer for him next time even though we know the answer we are going to go about it carefully and make sure we don't offend him and scare him off.

After our meeting we were on the bus going back to slough when a crazy drunk guy got on the bus.  We were sitting in the back and he sat in a seat in front of us that was facing us.  After he got comfortable he looked up and saw us and started saying things under his breath.  He then would get louder and start swearing and saying things about how he was catholic and that religion causes wars and things like that the whole way home.  When we got off the bus he got off as well and stopped us on the side walk.  He started saying the same things he did on the bus so I bore my testimony about Christ which didn't really affect him beside the fact that he realized I was a "Yankee".  He then thought we were so cool and shook our hands and tried giving us an awkward hug.  He still told us we were dumb for leaving our homes to preach and then walked away.  It was rather interesting and kinda funny.  Other then that nothing else worth mentioning really happened during the week.

I'm going to start ending my emails with a spiritual thought so we can all be uplifted and feel better:)

In Moroni 7:20 the question is asked "How can we receive all good things?"  I won't talk about he stuff in between but if you go to verse 25 it tells how we can receive all good things.  "Men began to excercise faith in Christ... they did lay hold upon every good thing."
 What a great promise that is to us and reminder of how important it is that we have Christ be the focus in our lives.  I want to challenge you to have everything you do in your home and through out your day to be centered around Christ.  Some things you could do our to pray daily and ask for the atonement to help you through out your days and decisions.  You can put a picture of Christ in every room where you can see it at all times.  You can have a a picture of Christ in your wallet or as your screen saver.  I know and testify that as you build your home and life around the Savior that he will draw closer to you and you will draw closer to him.  In just my month of being a missionary I have learned so much about the Christ love for me and each one of his children.  Everyday I study a Christ like attribute from preach my gospel and try to apply more in my life.  What a difference it makes me you see people and life the way Christ does.
As it says in Helamen 5:12  "Remember, remember that is upon the rock of our Redeemer... that we must build our foundation."  I hope all of us can try to become closer to Christ and build our faith in him more fully so that the winds and waves won't destroy us.  Keep your focus on Christ and building Gods kingdom and I promise you feel the love they have for you.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Wilson

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