Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hello Family! 

Well I am now an islander which is just the coolest thing ever.  Isle of Wight is pretty dang epic.  We live in the middle but cover all over the Island.  It is about 70 miles all the way around and 26 miles across so a pretty big island. But there are only like five major towns so big area but not a lot of people.  The nice thing is that it is summer and a lot of festivals are going on so the islands population just doubles which is epic. In a town called Cowes they have what they call Cowes Week which is when they have one of the biggest yacht races in the world. So that is pretty cool.  Our flatt is pretty small but for the first time on my mission I don't have bunk bed! So that is just great! The island is super hot and humid.  I sleep, I sweat. I walk, I sweat. I eat, I sweat. I shower, I sweat. I talk to people, I sweat.  Life is just great! Going to lose a ton of weight! The craziest thing though is that by the time I will probably get moved I will be out almost 18 months!  That is just the weirdest thought ever! Anyway the ward is pretty great.  The island is like no other ward I've been apart of.  It has about 100 people and they are all so relaxed and basically all family.  It feels like Clarkston:) My companion is a great guy! He has been on the Island for 6 months and will be here with me for another month and half:) He is about a month and half younger than me mission age wise.  And I bet you all guessed it, yes he is from Sandy, Utah. Making him my fifth Utah companion. Guess I need to learn something from Utahans or the Lord just wants me to have a lot of good friends when I go home:) They had a baptism last Sunday with a 23 year old model named Harriet. She is really great and I felt privileged to be apart of her confirmation.  We also will be having a baptism of another lady named Pam.  She is older and Reminds me of my GG:) She is hilarious and so dang great!  I also have Sisters in my ward for the first time ever which is really weird but great as well.  They just bring so much Spirit with them! I'm excited to serve her and it will be a lot of fun! The Island is just completely different then any other place and I love it! 

I love all of you and hope you all have a great week! LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 


Elder Wilson

Trip to the island by hovercraft 

Not sure if the road melted or the person doing the striping drank to much. 

This is the town street Collin lives on.  They just had a parade.

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