Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Elder Wilson is doing great but didn't have a lot of time to write a family letter but did send pictures.   Transfers are coming up this week and he is hoping that he and his companion will not get transferred.  They are working hard and enjoy the area they are in.   They do have a baptism scheduled for August 9th and hope all will go well with that.   It is hard to believe that he has been out for 11 months now!  Next year at his time we will be counting down the hours till he is home.

Crawley District!  Elder Gunnell and I are doing the First Presidency Pose:)

I think he is looking to teach Robin Hood

He said he was preaching to the squirrels!!

Learning to make Cinnamon Rolls

"I would walk 500 miles"
Finally figured out why his feet got wet when it rains.
Time to get them resoled!

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