Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

Here is a little clip from Collins's letter home today.

Hey Daddio! 

Well mission life is going well.  We keep finding solid people and then getting dropped cause their life is to busy.  But the good news is we picked up are baptismal date person that fell from of the face of the earth so hopefully we can set another date this week for her.      Sounds like Robbie and Gunnar are killing it as always.  Sucks I won't get to see them play again possibly.  Its fun hearing about their success though.  Sounds like you had a great leadership meeting.  We have to account Thursday and Sundays about our week and numbers.  And it use to always be about the numbers which I hated cause they never asked about the people you were working with.  But now they have changed it up so its all about the people and I love it so much.  If you want people to home teach better make it personal and show that you loved them.  That's why Elder Smith and Elder La Mazza were my favorite district leaders.  They loved and served me so much and never cared about the numbers. Only about the people I worked with and how my companion and I could do better.  Makes you want to work so much harder and be better! BYU's helmets are pretty sick!  9/11 over here is just another day.  I don't watch TV so I don't know how that is but its pretty normal day. NO one says anything.  I forget as well.  

My week was pretty good.  we are working with the members a lot more which has been a lot of fun.  Getting to know everyone better is the best.  Only sad part is one of the recent converts is struggling a little bit right now.  So praying a lot for her!  It has been really hot lately so that sorta nice during the day but sucks at night trying to sleep.  By the way it made me laugh when I read monkey boy this morning haha.  Good times! Well Dad I love you and hope you can find sometime for yourself!  LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 


Elder Wilson

This is the letter to his Mom

Well you got the hello.  Dumb computer... dumb user.   I think its interesting how we can always notice when the Spirit leaves, but struggle to reconize it when it comes.  Yesterday I had a really cool experience with learning to recognize the Spirit.  I fast every Sunday and on Saturday I had read a cool talk about softening your heart.  In it President Mckay is quoted and says how he starts each day off. 

1. Arise early
2. Shower 
3. Put on clean close 
4. Subdue myself to the Lord
5. Wait for inspiration to come from the Lord

So I decided that since it was Sunday and I would be fasting and can't workout I would try it.  So as soon as the alarm went off I got strait up got into the shower and put on some fresh clothes.  I waited till Elder Allen got in the shower so it could be quiet and said a vocal prayer.  I then received some inspiration and carried on the rest of the day.  It was amazing how much happier and good I felt the whole day.  Plus all the energy I had.  I desired to do things and work effectively.   The greatest part was that a member came up to me in church and asked why I was so happy and I said I have no idea I just am.  But it was an answer to a prayer cause everyone of my companions tells me to look happy when talking to people.  I feel like I am and I think I am but I am not.  So I was always trying to be better but could never get it but then bam! Say a prayer with real intent and meaning and the Spirit made me look happy.  It was such a great feeling! 

I just share that because I feel that it could help with your day to day tasks.  I don't think you have a problem being happy but you might struggle with other things and the Spirit is what helps us to overcome them! Don't worry I still will love you even if you love me less;) I can't imagine one of my kids leaving the church but its comforting to know that Prophets like Lehi and Alma the older had  rebellious kids. Look at what they did.  They continue to let them make their choices, but always shared their testimony with them and prayed for them constantly.  I like the examples as well because we have an example where Alma the younger is humbled because of his fathers prayers and then you have the example of Laman and Lemuel who just fall away anyway.  Know that as along as you do what the Lord says that he will take care of you and your family. Some may be lost but know that they have their agency and your duty is to just love them.  You are the best!  

'm glad Robbie is an eagle scout and the next step is mission! Goal is 3 sons Eagle scout, RM, Temple Marriage and you will be successful;) 

Well mom thanks for everything and I love you so much.  I hope you have a great week and always remember you are a beautiful daughter of God!! Love ya to shredzzz

Elder Wilson

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