Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014


Its been awhile, yeah its been awhile.  

Sorry I am such a slacker and haven't written a  legit family letter in forever.  It has been a crazy few weeks on Isle of Wight!  Well not really actually.  Just the same old same old.  You wake up at 6:30 feel like you got hit by a truck sometimes a train try to work out and not sit on the couch.  Then take a nice shower, iron your shirt, get dressed and looked fabulous and then get yourself a bowl of Crunchy Nut (English cereal).  Then have the greatest hour of the day, PERSONAL STUDY.  Then the worst hour of the day, comp study.  No just kidding comp study is fun to discuss deep dodgy doctrine I mean to plan what you will teach investigators:) You then go and work your little missionary bum off till 9:30 and then plan for half hour to sit down and watch a document film on the Joseph Smith papers.  But I guess you guys would like to hear what I do between 10 and 9 huh? 

Well this last week was epic.  We had YSA FHE on Monday after P-day which is the best.  We played chair football (Soccer for you Americans) which was so fun.  Just going mad trying to get other people out by hitting their chair with the football. Didn't realize we were going to play it so I was wearing my proselyting clothes and shoes and just destroyed my English shoes.  So 2 pair of shoes shot and dead.  No luck with shoes.  

On Tuesday we were able to see an investigator that Elder Belnap and I found that had a baptismal date. Because of some sad things that happened we weren't able to see her for awhile, but we saw her on Tuesday! A Scottish member named Brother Macgregor came who is so funny.  He bore a powerful testimony about his conversion and you could tell it really helped her.  It was just an epic teach and she even came to church for the first time yesterday! It was awesome.  We then saw Harriet a recent convert.  She is doing a lot better and makes us little goods which is very nice.  Makes my day! 

Wednesday was District Meeting.  I gave a wonderful 20 minute discourse on how to use the Book of Mormon effectively.  I would say it was up there with some discourse by my boi Jo Smith.  Just kidding.  But District meeting is always a blast when there are only you and your companion and the sisters haha! We then did service for a non member painting his fence!  It was tons of fun and had a barbecue.  They are from Hungry so remind me of my late companion Elder Bognar who goes home in November! SO CRAZY! 

Thursday through Saturday did a lot of finding and was a pretty long days.  Nothing to exiting to talk about. Sunday was an epic day!  Had investigator come to church and Sacrament was just really uplifting.  Then had to teach Gospel Principles and Elders Quorum so that was intense.  It went really well though.  I was able to talk a little bit with Bishops wife after church and get to know her better.  She is such an awesome lady!  Her conversion story is epic.  Really feel like I have a good relationship with her now.  We then had a really fun day with the second counselor in the Bishopric.  He is so funny.  Kept saying that we didn't go to the moon and that the Nazi are on the dark side of it and then start talking about all the crazy spiders coming to England. Good thing we aren't in England;) 

Well that was my week in a nut shell. Missionary work is hard work and you feel it every morning, but there is nothing that makes you happier and more excited. I can truly say that this has been the happiest I have ever been.  Good thing I still have 24 more months left (sorry mom forgot to tell you).  I guess just before I end I would like to help you receive personal revelation for yourselves.  

Revelation is probably the hardest thing to understand.  Is it my own thoughts or the Holy Ghost speaking.  Those that don't have to have huge experiences to be told what to do are more in tuned with the Holy Ghost.  Remember that the Holy Ghost is a small whisper.  It speaks through our thoughts and feelings.  If it invites you to come unto Christ and do good it is the Holy Ghost.  A cool thing I learned about why the Holy Ghost is more powerful then seeing angels is because... Angels minister under the authority of the Aaronic Priesthood and the Holy Ghost ministers under the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Pretty powerful.  Well the following questions will help you to receive personal revelation.  After reading each question pause for a minute and listen to the first feelings and thoughts that come to your mind and heart.  Write them down and then go on to the next question. 

1. What do I need to do to draw closer to the Living Christ?

2. What do I need to do to be a better member/companion of my family/ companionship?

3. What do I need to do to magnify my membership and calling? 

4. What do I need to do to magnify my stewardship? (example: A missionaries stewardship is his area. A father stewardship is his family, work, and home.) 

Congrats you have just listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and received personal revelation.  Now be doers of the word and not hearers only.  

Hope you all have a great week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 


Elder Wilson


Just a little side note from Collin in my email he sent me.

"There is a facebook or twitter page (not sure which one) thats called "Spotted on the Isle of Wight". They take photos of weird random people. Well we got on it last week! Members showed it to us.  It was a picture of us talking to Jehovah Witness (my favorite) at their little stand. We had gotten one of their bibles so we can make scripture chains to destroy them. And the caption the person put under the photo said "Who is going to win. Mormons vs. JWs."  Members showed us and it was pretty funny! "

Here is the link


Collin is the Missionary on the right.  Looking at this facebook page about the area he is serving makes me realize why it is such a hard place to serve!

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