Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Well what a crazy week. I cannot remember a single thing a I did.  It was a pretty relaxed week. Nothing that crazy happened.  Monday was pretty exciting because we decided to have YSA Family Home Evening every Monday which is pretty fun.  We had a nice spiritual thought.  Elder Allen and I read some minds and then blew their minds.  It was pretty funny actually cause Elder Allen was trying to read my mind but I knew how it worked so I basically just messed with his mind and he couldn't read it so he didn't know what to do.  So when he tried it on someone at FHE he messed up somewhere and didn't read their minds so basically he doesn't know how to read minds anymore because of me haha.  After that we played human battleship which is pretty fun but dangerous.  My model recent convert went crazy and destroyed everyone haha. We played with some big balls and you have a barrier and lay down so when balls get thrown over and you can't move it can be quite dangerous.

Tuesday we met with my favorite Less Active.  He is this old guy that knows so much that he basically went less active because he feels unworthy. But we have some intense spiritual conversations which are great. Don't worry I keep it simple to get the Spirit back into his life. We then went to the furthest point west on the island you can go and called Freshwater.  We saw our investigator and she committed to be baptized!  So flippin awesome! She has 4 sons who can be baptized so that is great as well.  

Wednesday the young men fed us and while doing they almost burnt the chapel down.  They were suppose to come into our flat while we were gone and make us food so when we came back they would eat with us in our flat.   It was still a lot of fun! While they cooked for us we taught another investigator and she committed to be baptized as well! So two dates which is exciting! Lots of good work going on here! 

Thursday the only exciting thing we did was service for two members who are not so well off. They are the kindest people but their flatt is the worse.   I  think it helped them and they love us so it was awesome! 

Saturday we had service digging a trench for a member to pour concrete next week. So we dug and my girly hands got torn up again and hurt really bad so that is fun. Shaking hands is just the worst.  We then had a chili cook off for a ward activity. So good and so smelly! Our ward mission leader brought an axe so we went ham on this old tree during the activity it was pretty fun.  Just a solid day! 

Sunday we had a zone fast and it was so hard.  Both Elder Allen and I felt so sick after but it was good. One of the members bore testimony how the missionaries challenged them to do something and even though he had been challenged it before it was different this time and that he really felt the Spirit. He said it was amazing and that he was really going to try and achieve it. MIRACLES IN ENGLAND!! The Ward is starting to catch the Spirit of missionary work and it is so awesome.  The Ward is growing closer and us and the Sisters are teaching a lot of people and have two baptismal dates each. Just great things are happening.  Can't wait to see what will happen this week! 

Quick spiritual thought. 

It is General Conference this week! How lucky are we to be able to hear our Prophet and Apostles speak to us.  Don't be that person that believes in a modern day prophet but doesn't know what he has said.  Take notes and apply what you learn into your life. You will be blessed for following the prophet. Remember the wards of the Primary song "Follow the Prophet"

Follow the prophet, follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet; don't go astray.
Follow the prophet, follow the prophet,
Follow the prophet; he knows the way.

I know that these words are true! We have so much to rejoice about and I hope we all will strengthen our own testimonies by sharing the wonderful news that God has called another prophet.  

Hope you all have a great week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

Dad's Note

This past Thursday my wife and I had an opportunity to meet one of the Ladies that Collin baptised.  Her name was Pam and her husband is Paul.  They are so nice and was great to meet someone from Collin's mission.  We spent about three hours at Temple Square with them and showed them all around.  It was fun to hear stories about Collin and and she kept calling him a pest but in a good way.  Collin told us she was alot like my Mom and in fact she was.  I can understand how they created a close bond.   

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