Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014

Well it was a pretty fun and hard working week! Started off the week by kicking some major butt at uno for family home evening! I basically won the whole game in two turns.  And then they got tired of me and wouldn't let me play so I joined up with a sister and she would have won but forgot to say uno even though I told her to... Frustrating but a lot of fun! 

We then for the rest of the week spent at least 4 hours everyday finding! I have never blown up so many balloons before. Did lots of balloon contacting and knocking. And we have a lot of potentials but hopefully they will turn into new investigators this week! We started meeting with the excommunicated guy. He is awesome and is going to come back and be such a strong member. Just hope he can push through the hard times.  His wife is less active and asked a question why in the Book of Mormon when Christ gives the Lord's Prayer he doesn't say thy kingdom come.  Elder Allen and I were like WHAT NO! Well it doesn't say it! But we instantly new why it didn't.  I'll let you figure that one out on your own.  Just crazy I had never noticed that and even crazy Elder Allen didn't because his knowledge of gospel is so intense! 

All our Dinner Appointments dropped but one of the YSA mums fed us:) I love her family so much. They have this cute little kid named Samuel who is about 4 and just so funny. He always shows me things and then tries to trick me but will always leave me by giving me hug before he runs away.  He is just epic! Like in church yesterday he came up and gave me a picture he drew and said we can share when I come over to his home.  Love the little guy! Halloween was pretty boring.  England doesn't really do it to much.  And plus they have signs that say no trick or treating. Yes, England has taken things to a whole new level.  I will have a picture of it.  We had a nice dinner with a member though. She cooks the most amazing food ever and I just love talking to her cause she makes every dramatic in a funny way and is so sarcastic.  Her husband is nonmember but so cool and builds cars for Ford.   He helped design the Ford Focus.  The Sisters had a baptism on Saturday and it went really well. Two of our investigators came which was awesome! 

Our Bishop decided to start having the first Sunday of every month be when all our investigators and recent converts come over to his home have a dinner and chat about things and have a spiritual thought. We had our first one last night and it was a lot of fun! Pam came with her husband and the Sisters recently baptized guy named Keith who is just so dang funny. We had a lot of funny times. Pam and I just sat in the corner and I was cracking jokes the whole time and she kept hitting me and telling me to behave. Just like a good Grandma.  It was a lot fun! 

I listen to a talk by a guy named Hank Smith. It was called 5 temptation killers. I suggest you listen to it cause you will die laughing and it is so good to! Its funny cause he tells a story of a kid that didn't really care about the gospel and he described him by saying this, "I don't need the gospel, I have pex." It was so funny and reminded me when my seminary teacher always commented on my muscles in class to make fun me. (yes, I'm prideful about my muscles).

But I will tell you the 5 temptation killers, but go listen to the talk to get all the funny stories and even more out of it.

1. 5 memorized temptation killing scriptures 
2. Going to the Temple often- Make it time for it
3. Mom- Trust her
4. Dad- Talk to him
5. Think of the Savior in Gethsemane 

Hope those will help you and that you all have a great week! LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

Pictures are us balloon contacting and  no we don't pop it but it made for a good picture

Held hostage by Storm Troopers.  Use the Force Luke!

Playing Uno!

The Needles

Quarr Abbey- Where the Monks live

Missionary bike?

Transportation off the Island

Eating at an American type restaurant

LION!  Beat 12 British Marines in a Tug-O-War

Hanging out with the Meercats

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