Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

Well this week was a very much needed week! It started out pretty slow, but turned out to be really amazing! So since it is the beginning of a new transfer the first district meeting we always get our new goals for the zone and mission to focus on. Well this transfer they decided that its going to be the rebuking and refiners fire transfer. So basically we have someone to call on a regular basis to see how there day went and rebuke them if they were wasters in anyway. It's so uplifting... Its like hey I improved this week! Then you get asked well did you get this many member presents. No. Then you get rebuked on how much of a waster you are. It doesn't really bug me because I think its pretty funny and have to hold my tongue from laughing.  It's like those moments when your parents are yelling at you and you just want to laugh. Anyway that's the only bad part of the whole plan for this transfer. They decided that one way to help strengthen us in our finding is to pray specifically for what we want. They said not to ask, but to demand. So now instead of saying ask and you shall receive, I say "demand and you shall receive, kick in the door and it shall be opened unto you, GPS and you shall find."  Yes I know I am a cheeky little monkey, but that is why everyone loves me:)  The zone leaders can't help, but just smile at me haha.  I'm such a sinner.   

Anyway the specific prayers have been amazing.  For example on Friday we prayed before we left that in the 2 hours of street contacting that we had, that we would find to males between the ages of 20-30 that would want a return appointment and become new investigators! Well guess what we got three return appointments and one came to church yesterday and has a baptismal date now! Such a miracle! His name is Sam and is 21 and is pretty prepared. He went to prison for stabbing someone and found God in prison and doesn't drink anymore and lives separate from his partner and has started going to a different church every week 4 months ago. He as a few mental issues, but he said that after being in prison he just wanted to be forgiven by Christ and to be a good person.  So sweet! He said at church to a member that he would be coming to this church from now on.  And during the teach on Saturday we were telling him about priesthood authority and he was like so I need to go to your church and be baptized there then? My jaw just dropped to the ground and I have been praising God since.  He has a few things to work on, but I know he can make it for his baptism.  Anyway that is the miracle of the week.

I forgot to mention that last week our ward got a new bishopric and they will be fantastic! Unfortunately our boss ward mission leader become second counselor so we don't to be with him and his family as much.   But he will be great to help the ward with missionary work with is new calling and we still eat at their place once a week cause his wife loves the missionaries.  Last week in church it was amazing to see the mantle of bishop be switched and over to a new person and to see it just fit so well was amazing. The Spirit bore such powerful witness that these were the right men at this time. Such an amazing and uplifting experience. Plus the Stake President gave me a shout out at the pulpit haha. Last transfer there was another Elder Wilson in our ward so the District Leader called him #Arizona and I was #Utah. So President Martin in his talk was like we now only have one Elder Wilson.. #Utah and then pointed at me and I just gave him the thumbs up and everyone laughed. I'm still now as #Utah it is so great. Elder Gull and I are hoping our mission president will call me by it.  

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

Just a place we doing contacting called "The Hoe" and me holding an exact replica of Obi-Wan's light-saber from the third Star Wars. It cost the member £265 which is nearly $400!! Super Sweet

The Hoe

War memorial for all those lost in the Navy during WW I and II

Just Chillin

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