Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Well this week just flew by and I barely remember anything and this keyboard is rubbish so will probably be short and filled with mistakes. 

Well basically never see Sam anymore cause he is always gone and doesn't have a phone and Richard and Manolito at the beginning of the week seemed to just being going downhill, but while I was away on exchange Elder Thompson worked is magic and got Manolito progressing again. I am so grateful he is my companion. He just knows how to be patient and love people so well.  Manolito also came to church for the first time and he loved it! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and plans to stop smoking on Feb 1 and will hopefully make his date for Feb 14.  Keep him in your prayers! He is such a nice guy and has had a rough life, but so epic! 

Had a teach with Karen and her son was there so we invited him to sit in. Had a decent lesson.  The member we bought with us got home two years ago and was a zone leader and just is pure boss at teaching. I learn from him so it was great.  Karen's son Shaun wants to meet with us as well when we come over so that was epic! They are trying to both quit smoking by clearing all the toxic-ans out of their body by doing this juice diet. When we went it over it was there first day so they were a little on edge and the granddaughter was being distracting as well so not the greatest teach, but still good.  

We got my first referral from Headquarters in so long! Her name is Esther which was epic.  Anyway Elder Gull and I went to see her on exchange since she lives out in the middle of nowhere and he has an investigator out there so it was the best of both worlds.  Well we stop by and this girl in her young twenties opens the doors and goes "Are you the Elders?"  I say yeah and she sorta freaks out and well she is from Spain and has this thick accent and she just started talking super fast and I just sat there smiling haha. She had just moved to England and back home she was lived with Mormon's who brought the Elders around and she liked talking with them.  So they sent the information to us. And she kept asking me if we had talked to them and I said no. And then asked her if her name was Esther and she freaked again and was hitting me and saying you talked to my friends. It was really funny.  So we will be seeing her this week and hopefully all goes well! Elder Gull gave me crap after saying oh shes your future wife cause she like to work out and I just told him to shut it. I didn't even think about the fact she was young and worked out I was just happy to have a an awesome new investigator and now he has ruined it. Just kidding I will be fine... :)

Well thats all I got for you today folks. I got done reading this book called The Power of Everyday Missionaries. The What  and How of Sharing the Gospel. By Clayton M. Christensen.  It is AMAZING! I strongly encourage everyone to read it cause it will change our out look on member missionary work completely.  Mom, Dad, I'm specifically talking to you:) Last week I talked about how the biggest thing President Benson pushed was the Book of Mormon. I was pondering what President Monson has stressed over the last few years and the thing that pops into my mind is MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK. I know every time you are told to share the gospel it is preaching to the choir.  But I promise you that you will blessed, your family will be blessed, and your life will be so much better if you share the gospel.  One quick story in the book that I loved was about one of his friends that found sharing the gospel awkward, hard, uncomfortable and he hated being rejected. So he decided that he would pray that the first person he would invite would say no. Well that prayer was answered so he was successful. So he prayed that the next three people he would invite would say no and the first person he asked said yes.  You see we succeed when we invite not when they accept. Chapter two of first Nephi teaches us this. Nephi learned for himself that what his dad the prophet said was true.  He then shared it with Sam who believed and then with Laman and Lemuel who didn't believe him. The Lord tells him though that he is blessed because of his faith and diligence and then he receives and amazing blessing from the Lord. So we see all Heavenly Father asks is that we live our lives in way that we can always be worthy to have his Spirit and to INVITE others to come unto Christ.  If you want to sustain our prophet President Thomas S. Monson then I suggest you get this book and study it and become the member missionary that YOUR loving Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ want you to become.  

Have a great week and love ya'll to shredzz!! 

Elder Wilson

Just some funny posters they had all over town on the bus stops haha

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