Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Sorry I never told you last week where I was going because I had no idea where I was going till 5 clock that night. Well I'm now in Little Hampton and serving with Elder Ertmann from Morgan, Utah! Yep he is my 7th Utahn companion.  He is also my 11th companion and am now on to my 6 area.  Crazy how many different people and areas of England I have seen.  Little Hampton reminds me a lot of Hedge End. That is bunch of old people and small area.  We are a 5 minute walk from the sea so looks like I will spend a solid year right by the sea which is pretty epic! Sorta hope this isn't my last area, but if it is oh well the ward and people here are awesome! Plus I'm right by my third area so I can see the members I lived with all the time:) Elder Gunnell is also my district leader which is hilarious and awesome since I only got one transfer to serve with him. Elder Green is also in the next city over so will be seeing him a lot which is sick since he goes home in three months! Also get to be right by the temple again which is nice since I have been exiled for the last 7.5 months! Elder Ertmann is epic! He is 20 and loves to hunt. He owns property in South Africa and says all I have to do is pay for the plane ticket. Its only $2500 so that's pocket change! Just have to go get me a lion! He also was less active all growing up and then about 2 years ago decided to be active and now just tears it up on his mission! Brought the rest of his family back into activity as well which was really cool.  He is so chilled and so dang funny. Just cracks me up constantly with all his stories.  He came out last April and I actually went on a split with him for like two hours when he was brand spanking new.  Trained by an Elder from my group so it was epic. Pretty dang excited for this transfer. 

We have about 4 investigators. 2 are a couple that have been investigating the church for 50 years so they are more like members then investigators. Then another one named Sandy has been investigating for a few years now and has decided to be baptized before the summer starts so that is epic! Her daughters where baptized 4 years ago by my old district leader Elder La Mazza.  The other guy is a Jehovah Witness that they just found and likes to Bible Bash.  Seeing him on Tuesday so time to bear down in pure testimony against him and get him baptized! Other then those people and a few of the craziest less actives I have ever met we just do a whole lot of finding! Real quick we have this less active that is crazy and will call us up all the time and say I bought you this chicken so come get it. He buys us whole flippin chickens! So funny.  

The beginning of this week was pretty crazy.  I found out Monday night before going over to the Stake President's to eat dinner that I'm leaving tomorrow morning. So we go eat dinner then go to John and Judith Martin's to say goodbye since we were suppose to eat there the next day and just took some pics. We then packed until midnight which was fun.  Well the zone leaders come and pick us up and while driving there decided to tell me that I'm spending the night in Bideford which is an area in Plymouth Stake and leaving my bags with them. So I just chilled in the same clothes for like 3 days haha.  Bideford is fun though cause Elder Williams (from my mtc group and old district leader) and they have a car! So we went to a D.A. with this old couple and there nonmember sister and taught her. We then went to young men and women's and had waffles and played this fun game. Well while playing this game I went to move and just let out this big old fart. It was pretty funny.  Everyone kept telling me how glad they were that I'm not staying. Ooops! We then had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning went and picked up someone in Exeter who is going to the Isle of Wight. Lucky dog.  Then on our way to Yeovil we got stuck in traffic so we turn around and start going down the back roads which are barely wider then your car.  Well we start having loads of cars coming the other way so we barely get by that when a bus comes from behind and get everyone stuck. We barely escape and spend the next half hour telling all the other cars to turn around.  Turned out a Lori (Semi) jacked knife on the main road and now everyone was using the back roads! Anyway got to Yeovil I then got in the Poole Zone leaders car and talked about ranching and driving trucks the whole two hours to Staines. Sister Barnes who was on the Isle of Wight with me was in the car so that was cool to catch up with her. We also drove by Stone Henge which is right by the motorway. Just in this dirt field with sheep. Pretty funny to look at.  Yeah then after getting dropped off in Worthing saying hi to Elder Gunnell and then leaving to my flat. Well about a half mile away from my flat one of my suitcases decides to have both sets of wheels just blow up or something so I drag this 50lbs bag full of books and who know what for a half mile. That was great.  So yeah that is my exciting week! So many adventures.   

I forgot to mention last week that the week before on P-day that it snowed for the first time of me being in England! It was pretty sick! Made snow angels and had a weak snowball fight haha.  That's my week and hope you have had a great week and an even better week! LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!!! 

Elder Wilson

Stake President, his wife, and daughter. 

Then John and Judith my couple of my favorite members ever! 

First snowfall of my whole mission

Manolito and Reece

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