Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015

Transferred again just after one week!

Well this was just the most exciting week I have had for awhile.  

We started off the week with interviews with President Millar.  It was the most uplifting and Spirit filled interview I have ever had with him.  He just answered so many of my prayers and really made me feel like I was where I need to be.  It was funny though because out of nowhere he says "Elder Wilson are you praying for the Lord to prepare a wife that can raise your children in the gospel for you?" I just sat there in shock cause I was like President I still have months left go talk to Elder Gunnell he has two left and could use the advice haha. He then said no I'm not asking you to pray for girls, but for a wife that you can have an eternal family with and he also said I should pray that I can be a good enough man to receive such a wife.  It was so random cause I have never mention girls to him ever and I mean ever. But it was pretty cool.  Then the rest of the week until Friday Elder Ertmann and I just got soaked to the bone every day it was great! 

Now for the juicy stuff.

Thursday night Elder Gunnell calls us and says we have to go on an emergency exchange so we do it the next day and Elder Gunnell and I just go back to old times serving with each other and having a good ole time. Well Saturday morning before we leave to exchange back President calls and says he is extending the exchange till Monday. So I was on a 3 day exchange in Worthing. We worked hard and had a lot of fun.  Monday morning rolls around and we get a call from President during studies that they are closing down Littlehampton and that I am leaving at 12 to go to my new area which is Addlestone. Elder Ertmann is going to Newbury and will be in a tri the rest of the week.  So we rush back to my area to tell the other Elders and so I can pack. When the other guys leaves Elder Ertmann tells me that Elder Gunnell's comp hates him and that he has depression and they just sat in the flat all day and that is why we are getting E-moved. So it was just a big ole mess. Then the zone leaders come and get us drop Elder Ertmann off and then we head to Addlestone, but the car breaks down so we stop at the office to get the van which took ages! Anyway we left at 12 got to my area at 7:) Then had a D.A. at a really nice Italian families home.  Needless to say I am tired and just really bummed out because I was really happy where I was at and bummed I can't serve with Elder Ertmann more. Oh well I now have Elder Redd who is from Idaho and has been out for 5 months. He is a stud! We have a baptism this week as well haha! Crazy week and hope all of your guys week is great. LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

Arundel castle we contacted by in Littlehampton it is huge! And the beach we contact by.  Going to miss it! 

The beach at Littlehampton

Arundel Castle

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