Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hello Family!

I had to send pictures to make my Mom and Dad happy so sorry for the short email this week.  This week was really great.  Had interviews with President and Zone Conference.  Had it at Staines which is right by my last area.  The coolest part was the Relief Society from Slough made the food so I got to see them! Made me so excited! They are doing well and made me realize how much I love and miss them! We sang Army of Helaman for them and they started crying and I almost cried as well because of how happy they are.  Such a great experience.  Got to learn a lot from zone conference and am already applying great things.  Had an awesome miracle last week that I don't have time to share so stay tuned for next week.  Sorry for the short letter again, but know I pray for you all and love you all! Have a great week and LOVE YA'LL TO SHREDZZ!!

Elder Wilson

PS. dad fill them in on things i sent you:)
Dad's addition:

Not sure what he was wanting me to share since he told me more in this letter  about hos week than in mine but I will add a couple of paragraphs.

"Well this week has definitely been a good one! Had interviews with President Millar and zone conference as well! They were both super great.  I will tell you most of it in my family letter, but President did easy my mind on the whole spiritual witness matter.  He said that the Lord will answer you the he sees fit, but to remember not to sign seek.  Miracles aren't what give us faith they only confirm it.  He told me if I want a spiritual witness that the only thing I need to worry about doing is keeping his commandments and I will get it.  So that brought a lot of comfort to me.  Probably will be going to the temple this Saturday with our investigator and some members! To pump for that! Going to be so much fun and yes there will be pictures:)"

Collin also wanted us to study this scripture and here is his explanation

"Now about the D&C 29:35.  When it says that Satan was before Adam what is it telling us?  Well when we think about the War in Heaven we see that there were two that came before the Father.  One was Christ and the other was Satan.  So we automatically see that they were the first two to progress and become like the Father in the Spirit. Christ being the greatest and Satan second.  So Satan being before Adam means that he was suppose to play the role of Adam had he not fallen. Pretty weird huh? Now why does he say give me thine honor which is my power? Well how does God gain power?  Everything honors God.  So by him getting honor from everything he has power.  Same applies with Satan.  If we give God honor he will be able to have power over us and bless us and give us things for our good.  If we give Satan our honor he will have power over us and we will be destroyed. That is why it says in the scriptures that when we die that spirit that we allowed into us will still have power over us.  So "Choose this day whom ye will serve."  "

Here are some pictures he sent.  I think he and his companion are trying to be twins with the matching suits!!

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