Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

Hello Family!
Well I think all of you deserve a good email? I am such a slacker but I'm 5000 miles from ya'll so you can't do anyting about it!;) Life has been going pretty great. I will start with the pretty cool miracle that happened last week. We were knocking some doors before going in for the night and this lady opened and right away she wasn't very interested. But we started asking questions and getting her to think a little bit more and pretty soon she was opening up to us and telling us how she is looking for something and trying to find out if God is really there. Her husband tried shutting the door but she told him to shut up and that she was talking. That never happens so that was great! We gave her a Book of Mormon and tried getting her number but she said she would text us. That usually means no. WEll that night while we were just being lazy bums we get a text from her! She had started to read the Book of Mormon and was very excited to see us again. So we got a return appointment. Well the bad news is the day we were suppose to see her she text us saying that her husband didn't want us coming over because he wasn't comfortable with it. She was respecting him but has a friend thats a mormon in another ward she is talking with and she is so excited about this new door being opened for her. Sad we probably won't ever teach her but a good seed has been planted!
Our one investigator we have been working with for ages has just been going downhill so fast. She basically wants all the blessings but wants to live in the world. She likes loop holes and things she has found on and won't let go of it. It is really frustrating and sad to see her just give up so easily. We are going to try one more thing with her and if it doesn't work we have to drop her. She was suppose to go to the temple Saturday but canceled on us. It sucked since we had a member drive us to another flatt to sleep over so we could catch a bus going up there. So that was annoying but had a fun sleep over with 4 other elders haha. The great part is that God loves and has blessed us with another great investigator. She is basically just like Becky but a little bit smarter. She has a partner but isn't married so will probably be awhile till she is baptized but ya never know the Lord works miracles! She has a paryting problem as well so thats going to be another fun lesson as well haha. We started teaching her last Thursday and she came to church yesterday. Since it was fast sunday all the kids were bearing testimony and the adults as well. It was great because almost all the testimonies were about Joseph Smith and The Plan of Salavtion which was perfect for her. The greatest part though is that towards the end she leaned over to us and ask if she can go up. We said if she wants so she did! It was so flippin sweet to see it! She jsut said thanks and that she was excited to learn more and that she had all the members to lean on. Just so great! God just loves his missionaries haha. Well after a great time at church and being in primary.... AGAIN Elder Green and I faced the opposition. That morning had been really niced so we just wore are suits and no coat. Well when church was over it was freezign and raining. We had two hours of work before a D.A. so that was a blast! We got super wet and cold but got two new investigators so it was ok. When we got to the members home it was so funny. She was making fun of us as she was coming to the door and when she opened it she was still saying something funny and then realized we were soaked and went "OH NO LOOK AT YOU TWO!!" It was so funny and then she percided to mommy us and dry us off.  It was so great.  We had a nice dinner and then it was time to go back out.  We got a bus back to our flatt but still had a 15 minute walk back to the flatt.  It was raining harder then before and I was about to pee my pants.  So we got super soaked and Elder Green found a tiny umbrella which was hiliraious haha.  Good thing was we made it back to the flat safe and wet and I got to pee:)  Just one crazy week!

One more story.  We are teaching this family in our wards kids since one is 10 and not baptized and the dad is less active.  There are 6 kids between 10 and 18 months and one on the way.  There are also kittens haha.  Well this week we made plan of salavtion pizzas that went very well.  But while they were cooking the kids went bonkers.  They were jumping on us and kicking us.  NOw missionaries arent allowed to have kids on them or even tickle them.  But there were so many and everytime we sat down we got killed.  We would have to kids on us and one would come flying out of nowhere and just body slam us ahah.  It was a good ole WWE! We lost but once the pizza came everything sorta calmed down haha.  Life is just crazy as a missionary!!

I don't have time for a spirtual thought but know that I love you guys and that I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  The inner peace we all are looking for can be found by livving the gospel.  Our loving Heavenly Father knows that we will fall down many times but because he loves us so much he gaves us his son.  Turn to him in every thought and doubt not, fear not.  I hope you all have a great week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!!

Elder Wilson

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