Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 

Well this week has bee pretty great! Went to the temple with our investigator Jess and it was a blast! Sure my parents have already posted photos since they have been talking to her.  It was a lot of fun and seemed to really help her with what life in the Church has to offer.  She told us she really wants to be sealed in the temple.   I also got a new companion named Elder Fuller.  he is from Highland Utah and has been on his mission for 1 year.  He is about 6'3 so I no longer walk anymore only run, which is ok since I will getting skinny faster again.  He served with polish elder and is kinda like a mini version of him haha.  He knows a lot about the scriptures and has a lot of talks by great people.  Have already learned a lot.  Mom and Dad he reminds me of Daniel Buhler a lot.  Looks like him a little and loves his music and singing.  It is ok thought because he has a pretty good voice unlike me.  It is always a bit rough starting with a new companion but we have done pretty well.  Saturday all we did was knock and we just killed it! Had loads of lessons and handed out 5 book of Mormons.  And to end the day we had a good lesson with our other investigator Becky.  Who has finally had her question about judgement answered! Thanks to our great and inspired Bishop.  Talked with her for two hours in his office during church and now she wants to be baptized even more! Miracles are flying over all over the the place here in Hedge End! England isn't to bad... most the time:)  Don't have any really cool stories but am just having a good time being a missionary! Everybody probably heard about Gunnar's finger and how sweet he now looks with a short finger! I think it is pretty sweeet and an epic story! Maybe I'll cut my toe off;)

Spiritual thought of the week is the family history!

What is the spirit of Elijah?  It is turning the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers.  Why is this so important?  Many are always talking about the missionary work done in the world today but most people forget about the missionary work being done on the other side.  Great missionaries like Joseph Smith and Moses are converting thousands of people in the Spirit World but they can't escape the grasps of hell because there work can not be done unless they have a body or is done by proxy.  Millions are catching the Spirit of Elijah even non members.  Everybody seems to be doing there family history.  Bringing members and nonmembers to find out about there family history is so important.  If you are afraid to share the gospel with others do it by sharing about family history.  The passage of the Spirit of Elijah is first found in Malachi.  Did you now that it is mentioned in all the Standard works?

Bible: Malachi 4:5
Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 25: 5-6
D&C: Sections 2; 27:9; 128:17
Pearl of Great Price: JS-History 1: 37-39

The importance of Malachi's message is seen in all four standard works.  There is missionary work being done on the other side.  Our families need us though to be doing their ordinances for them.  As we do temple work we link our generations all the way back to Adam.  Missionary work in this life is also important.  We need to bringing the living to the knowledge of God's plan so they can help the missionary work on the other side through temple work.  This is the Lord's work and it will role forth among all people, tongues, and nations.  Nothing will stop it.  Choose this day whom ye will serve. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Wilson

Elder Filler and Elder Wilson


  1. Love Elder Fuller!! Such a nice guy! He was at hastings ward, ah miss him, yes super long legs so usually wjen on way to church he's like a mile ahead haha, but on his last sunday he actually walked slow (only cause he was holding my 2 year old daughters hand haha) xx

  2. Man I forgot to ask Elder Fuller what's his first name so could find him on facebook. :( x