Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March10, 2014

Hello Family,

Well another week has just flown by! Nothing to exciting really happened this week.  Just super busy and always seemed to be in places we didn't want to be.  Just one of those weeks as a missionary I guess.  Brady Heinger got called out to this mission and leaves in May so that is pretty sweet! He emailed me this week wanting to know all the details.  We were lifting buddies sophomore year and decent friends throughout high school.  He will be a way good missionary.  The weather has just been gorgeous the last two days and to day is the same.  Hasn't been a cloud in the sky and has been in the teens (Celsius).  Been a nice change to see such blue skies and feel the warmth of the sun.  All the flowers and trees are blooming and everything is so green! England is going to be gorgeous in the summer! I am so excited for summer and can't wait for it.  The weather has been making me super trunky though cause it just reminds me of the good baseball weather, but I still love this work.  Yesterday before a D.A. Elder Green and I were knocking and stopped a guy between doors and he said he was busy so we ask if there was a better time we could come buy he said no so we asked if we could leave a card with our website and he freaked out.  Started marching towards Elder Green and saying to get out of his face and that we are lucky his kids were with him.  Elder Green and I were trying not to laugh because this guy didn't look threatening at all. It was quite a shock of course we just said sir we didn't mean to offend you we just know how much this message can bless your life and the life of your family.  He of course just got madder so we started laughing and said have a GREAT DAY!! So sad to see people get offended over nothing.  Dad the reason why we don't fight back is because in our white bible it tells not to resist thieves and to just carry extra money with us to give it to them.  So thats why we don't fight.  Now obviously  we can defend ourselves but should try to avoid it all costs even though your blood is boiling after.  Elder Green and I also wanted to clean up our language and be more Christ like.  Now we don't say bad words but we say "flippin heck, flippin, piece of crap, waster, dang, and call each other man instead of Elder." So we made a swear jar and every time you swear you have to pay a pound.  Well the first day lets just say I dropped £40:)  And by the end of the week had £65 in there haha! Elder Green was pretty bad as well.  It is amazing though how when you do the small things how much more you feel the spirit.  The way we get our money back or what we call our repentance is we have to work out every morning and if we do it every day we get it all back on Sunday.  And if you don't do it every day depending how much you miss will decided how much you get back.  Needless to say I have learned a lot about repentance and how both God and Satan feel.  The first day was terrible for me and because I was so low I wanted Elder Green to be low and so I played Satan haha.  Pretty crazy how easy it is to want to bring others down.  But then the rest of the time when Elder Green swore you felt bad and new that if he would just stop he would have money.  Really crazy to see that perspective on things.  Of course we applied all of Gods rules to our repentance process.  We are still doing it and the good thing is we only swear maybe once or twice a day now!:) Our investigators are still going strong and if all goes well next month we will have a few baptisms but we will see what the Lord has in store for us! Transfers are next week so I will probably be getting a new companion.  Pretty sad about that cause Elder Green is my favorite companion but change is necessary.  Hopefully I get to train this time! 

Love you all to Shedzz

Elder Wilson

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