Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello family!

This week was lots of hard work but lots of fun as well.  Had exchange with my new district leader.  He goes home at the end of this month and is from American Fork.  He is such a boss and you would never expect it from him! He is pretty small and looks shy but he just beast it up in every aspect of missionary work.  Very humble as well and I definitely  want to be like him as a missionary.  We had a lot of fun on exchange.  Had two dinner appointments both with Jess and Becky.  They were a lot of fun and good food! The rest of the week we spent knocking.  Wow was that rough.  There is a little town outside of where we live so we knocked the whole thing and got rejected the whole day! Never been rejected so much.  But still had a good attitude and was a lot of fun.  Jess is just doing amazing and progressing so well.  
  She receives answers to her prayers and now just needs to act on them.  Hopefully this week will be the week!  Really down part of our week.  Don't have much else happen this week.  Just been working hard and striving to be my best.  Hope Michael and Jess had a great wedding and that Makaylie kicked butt in her last competition! Love and miss ya'll so much!

Have a little story for ya this week.  There was prophet who went on a mission and had no success at least that he knew of.  He didn't know that his testimony had reactivated a less active.  This less active went on to convert a big portion of the city.  The people were righteous and loved the Lord.  His son went on to be a huge influence in the church as well.  Baptizing thousands along with is friends and kids.  Little did this prophet know that because of his testimony and his courage to stand alone for what was right he saved thousands of people.  Know who I am talking about yet? 

The prophets name is Abinadi.

We can all learn from him.  Don't be afraid to stand along and stand up for what is right.  Even when the world mocks you and says you are weak just know that your have the power of God on your side.  In a missionary perspective it means a lot to me.  I haven't had much success when it comes to baptisms but when Elder Hegerhorst shared this with me it really touched me.  I know that the best thing i can do is just be a light unto the world that God really does exist and that there is hope for everyone.  Bearing testimony is another powerful way to touch even the hardest of hearts. 

I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth again.  The peace and happiness I have found in it can not be replaced.  I love the Lord and rejoice in being able to serve him.  At times it is hard especially when a lot has gone on like this last week but I know this is where I need to be and am so grateful for the chance I get to serve.  I am even more grateful for the Atonement and the wonderful gift it is to all of us.  Let the power of the atonement work within you and change you and the lives of others! I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Have a great week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!!

Forever Faithful,
Elder Wilson

Getting his colors done.  

Becky's Family

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