Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello Family!

Well found out this week that they are closing down Hedge End due to the fact that 17 missionaries are going home and only 6 are coming in.  We have a really small area so it is has to go.  I am excited to go to a new area but it does suck having to leave such a great ward and a good area.  Of course we would start finding really cool people but just how it goes.  Yesterday we were waiting for a member to go on a teach with us and this girl walks by and we say hi and  then her dog kept sniffing us.  She then asks us what church belong to.  So we get all excited and start talking and testifying to her like good missionaries do.  She got really interested and wanted a copy of the Book of Momon and wanted to meet with us again soon.  She even texted us that night.  So that was super sweet and amazing to see how God puts people in to your path.  We then went and taught this lady for the first time.  Her daughter was going crazy the whole time but she is 6 so what do you expect.  She read from the Book of Momon for us though which was really cool.  The lady is still interested and says she will come to church so just another miracle! Heavenly Father really knows how to bless us.

Had a baptism with an 8 year old I have been teaching since I got here.  Had to give a talk about when I got baptized so that was fun.  That family sure is crazy but going to miss them a whole bunch.  Rest of the week was pretty normal with England rejecting us and having to give it everything we've got! Sure do love being a missionary and doing missionary things haha.  Probably the craziest thing to happen to me this week was trying to ride a rip stick in a suit.  Doesn't work! Haha Elder Fuller fell pretty hard and hyper extended his elbow so I had to tell him how to take care of it.  He then asked me last night if I had faith.  I said yes then he said good heal me.  So I gave him a blessing.  I didn't think I was going to get prompted to heal him but at the end of the blessing it came so I said the words and well now he is healed.  Pretty crazy and definitely strengthened my faith! Mission life is just the best! I hope you all have a fantastic week and don't ever forget who you are! We are all Sons and Daughters of a loving Heavenly Father and he wants to bless our lives.  We just have to let him.  I LOVE YOU ALL TO SHREDZZ!!


Elder Wilson

Views from his window

Old JO.  He passes by his friend every day!

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