Monday, April 7, 2014

March 7th, 2014

Hello Again family!

Hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did.  Priesthood session had to be my favorite! Also all the talks on sports were awesome.  This week has been pretty relaxed I guess you could say.  Nothing to exciting happened.  Jess came to two of the conference sessions and even took notes! Was a little long for her but we all go through it haha.  She is doing so well and will hopefully be getting baptized soon! Just have to get the partner out of the house.  At the beginning of this week I was really struggling with getter along with my companion, but finally just told him what was bugging me and we talked it through and we are good now! Still struggle a times but being able to talk about it and see it through his perspective really helped me to understand and to get over my prideful self.  Things are going well now and we both are on a high from conference! Heavenly Father definitely knows how to humble you and then lift you up high!

I wanted to talk about just a couple of the main themes I got from conference.  First one being to have our foundation built upon Christ so that when the whirlwinds come the will not prevail.  WE need to have a firm foundation and if we don't continue to strengthen it by daily scripture reading, prayer, and family home evening.  WE will fall.  The other one that really stuck out to me was that being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not easy no is it suppose to be! Like Elder Bednar said "IT IS THE LOAD THAT GIVES US THE SPIRITUAL TRACTION TO GET THROUGH LIFE."  The hymn Praise to the Man tells us that "SACRIFICE BRINGS FORTH THE BLESSINGS OF HEAVEN."  Brigham Young said " ONLY A RELIGION THAT REQUIRES YOU TO SACRIFICE EVERYTHING CAN PRODUCE ENOUGH FAITH TO GAIN SALVATION."  

So yes being a member of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS can have it challenges.  Well guess what Jesus Christ was rejected and spit at and hit and mocked and even killed.  But he suffered through it and out of love for us and everyone else.  Rejoice in tribulation as the Apostle Paul says.  When things are hard that is when we grow the most.  I know these things to be true and I love living and being apart of this gospel everyday! In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Have a great week and love ya to shredzz!!

Forever Faithful,

Elder Wilson


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