Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hello Family and friends! 

Well this week sure has been crazy! I got into the new area Tuesday afternoon and met Elder Bognar.  He is a pretty great guy! We seem to get a long pretty well.  The area itself is very big and has lots of people to talk to in the streets which is a huge blessing since no one walked around in Hedge End haha.  We also live with some members which is really cool. There called the Craggs and they have a son that lives with them named Ben who 23 and super cool.  He will probably be serving a mission soon.  He takes us shopping and makes food and deserts with us which is a whole lots of fun. The place in the home that is ours is rather small but it has a super nice couch and recliner so that makes up for it during lunch hour haha.  The nicest thing is that the chapel is only a 5 minute walk away which is just amazing compared to how far the other chapels were in my last two areas.  It is the second biggest building in Europe.  The chapel inside is huge.  Felt weird being in a normal size chapel after nine months of not being in one.  We also live like 15 minutes away from the temple and get to go there on P-days sometimes which is so great! 

Now time for the greatest news. We have this super cool investigator that they found just before I got to the area.  The only thing they had taught him was the first lesson and part of the second.  And the first day I got there we ran into him in the street and he told us he wants to be baptized as soon as possible.  So the next day we went over and he picked the baptismal date! He chose May 3(My Birthday)!  It is so sweet since it will be my first baptism as well.  So we started seeing him everyday and he is so prepared! He loves everything we teach him and is always telling us that when you are baptized you do away with old life and start new.  He even is waiting to get baptized first before going to get his wife from Iran.  Oh yeah his name is Kiyomars (Qmars) and he is from Iran.  He doesn't speak the greatest English but enough to understand.  He is always so happy as well.  He is even sharing the gospel with others and is always telling us he can't wait till he knows more and speaks better English so he tell everyone.  HE IS AMAZING!  I will make sure to have pictures for next week as well:)  

We also have another investigator name Sonya from Portugal.  She should be getting baptized in about two to three weeks.  She really likes the gospel and has a good attitude about it.  Just got to get her to stop smoking first haha.  We find new people to teach everyday and the area is just amazing! 

Well I hope ya'll are doing amazing and striving everyday to grow closer and become more like our Saviour Jesus Christ.  I know that as we will do the simple things like daily pray and scripture study along with family home evening that we will be able to face the storms that Satan throws at us with more strength and courage.  I love you all and hope you have a great week! LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!!! 


Elder Wilson

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