Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26. 2014

Hello Family and Friends! 

Well this week wasn't really all that interesting except for a few parts haha.  At church yesterday Kiyomars got up and bore a power testimony and it was so great to hear it and see how much he has changed.  He is such an amazing guy! He went home teaching yesterday with the ward mission leader for the first time so can't wait to hear how that went! We also had two birthday parties since there were three birthdays this week.  I had pictures but forgot my camera so sorry! They were a lot of fun since it was with a recent convert and all the missionaries in the ward.  It was such a blast! And then the last exciting thing this week was  I sorta got beat up.  I am completely fine but it was a very interesting experience.  We were saying a prayer with a guy on the street and during the prayer I heard this women cursing and yelling and it kept getting closer and then all of a sudden I got hit from behind like she was trying to tackle me.  She then kept hitting me on my shoulder and back which didn't really hurt.  The guy we were with kept trying to get her to go away but she just sat there cursing and when she saw our name tags she started saying some very crude things about God and it was terrible. She finally decided that she was going to leave but before she did she stretched her arms out and then hit Elder Bognar and I as hard as she could.  The creepy thing was is that she wasn't drunk at all.  We could tell that she was all there but she seemed possessed or something.  Very weird.  The good thing was is she left we finished our prayer and that was that.  IT is so crazy how people will always seem to pick us out and attack us however they can.  Sad world we live in.  Well that was my week!  Nothing to crazy but just enjoying life as a missionary!  It is also pretty nice living with members cause they always update you on all the latest.  I heard the new Xmen movie is good and that a new transformers is coming out.  Well that is my worldly though for today haha.  

My spiritual thought will be short this week and is really just story.  We read in the Bible and Book of Mormon that Christ will sit as Refiner and Purifier of Silver.  What does this mean? Some of you may have heard this but it is always a good reminder for all of us! 

There was a women who had a weekly Bible study with her church and they read about how Christ will sit as a refiner of silver.  After the study she was very curious on what this meant.  So she found a silversmith and then was able to work her way in to see how he does things.  He took her around and showed him were they heat up the silver and basically make it silver.  She asked do you ever just leave it?  He said of course not I have to be there to make sure that nothing happens to it.  She saw that he sat there the whole time watching it.  After being there awhile and having a few questions answered it was time to go.  Before leaving she asked how do you know what it is done?  The silversmith said, 

"When I can see my reflection in it."  

I hope we all will work to become more like our Saviour and follow in his footsteps.  He is the way and there is no other name under heaven whereby we can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope you all are excited for summer and will have a great week.  LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!!  


Elder Wilson

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