Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

This was probably the worst week of my entire life/mission.  I have never really felt depressed but last week and this week I am still depressed.  One of our recent converts was acting really funny the last month or so. She wouldn't meet with us and every time she came to church she only said negative things after.  Well all of a sudden on Wednesday I wake to turn the alarm off and see we got a text. Well it was from her telling us that she wanted her name removed from the church.  That woke me right up so I sent a text message wanting to meet up and explaining that she had a covenant with God and that you can't just bail by sending a text.  Anyway she then freaked out and we spent the day trying to help her and her telling us all the anti she has received the last month.  She was very rude to us as well which just made it all the worse.  Well we just decided to give her a week and let her think things through and try talking to her later.  Well my big dumb stupid head decides that we need to tell the ward mission leader so he and bishop can discuss it. Well I sent the message to her instead of the ward mission leader. Yep then we get voice mails from her mom threatening to call the police and text messages from her and her mom saying to leave her alone and calling us not so nice names.  Lets just say that I felt like the biggest piece of junk ever.  I have never felt so depressed ever.  Just don't understand how someone could turn on you so fast after all you have done for them and loved them.  So basically the rest of the week for me was just crapped and I have never wanted to just lay on my bed and do nothing and be fine with it.  I just don't know the right words to use to explain how I feel.  Anyway just keep her in your prayers. She has good trust with a member with the bishopric and he told us he thinks he can help her. So just pray for her and her mom that they can have their hearts softened. 

Honestly I don't remember what really happened the rest of the week.  We had a dinner appointment everyday which was really nice.  We got to do some service for a member by cutting some tree limbs down so that was fun especially when you are hanging from a limb with your right hand and trying to cut a big limb with your awkward left hand.  Good times.  We had a really good dinner with two members and an investigator.  The two members are Scottish and when you get them together you don't understand a word and its just hilarious.  Our investigator really enjoyed the night as well. She really loves the members and meeting with us.  Just got to get her faith strengthened! Love her to death.  Oh we also had dinner with our other recent convert Pam and her husband.  I JUST LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!! They are my favorite people in the entire world.  So humble and loving.  It was a good night with them. The weather went from warm and sunshine to flippin cold and raining hardcore every day.  Never seen rain like this! Good thing I have nice shoes and jacket now:) Thanks Pam, Mom and Dad for that one.

That's all I really have for this week.  I was pondering this morning though about the future and how I can prepare for it and be better.  It something that I think about a lot. My major weakness in life is living in the moment.  But anyway I was just feeling all depressed and poor me and like being a bum basically when I remember the words of President Ezra Taft Benson. 

"When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives."

I recognized that it came from God and it was so humbling to know even with all my stupidity and selfishness he still loved me enough to remind me who to put first and what will happen to my life if I serve Him first.  So my invitation to y'all is to really put God first in your life in every situation and watch what happens in your life.  I remember when I decided to go on a mission instead of play ball in college.  Once I had made that decision I was so much happier and never regretted the decision.  Now baseball is more of a fun thing to do and I enjoy it, but I now have doors opened that would not have opened if I hadn't served.  It's amazing what the Lord can do in our lives when we give it all to him.  

I hope you all have a great week and LOVE YA TO SHREDZZ!!!

Elder Wilson 

Pictures are of the no tricky or treating signs in England and of a beach on the island.

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