Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hello everyone!

Well this week was much better!  Found out Tuesday during President's interview that I would be moving to a new area, but he wouldn't tell me where so I have had to wait till today to find out.  If being on an island wasn't being exiled enough I am now going to one of the furthest west areas in the mission called Plymouth.  Cool thing is I will be in the city so that will be fun! Bad part is.  Quinton L. Cook is coming to speak to the London South and London Mission at the end of this month in the middle of London! Only those within two hours of Hyde Park will get to go so I will not be going. Miss out on an apostle and going in to the middle of London which I probably won't get the chance again as a missionary... Anyway I will also be spending Christmas with a Scottish name Elder Mckiy.  He is a massive ginger and I think he has been out one transfer less than me.  So that will be interesting.   Overall I am really excited about going to Plymouth but a little bummed about missing out on some epic apostleness! At least we get to go to the temple this transfer! YAHOOO! 

As for my week it was pretty chill.  Had some crazy weather on the way to President's interview since we had to cross the waters to get to Portsmouth.  We first got on the Hovercraft and its big but not that big and the waves were crazy! We were flying the whole way I'm pretty sure. It was so fun. Well we get halfway across and then the Hovercraft just stopped and then the Captain said that we had to turn around cause something was wrong with the Hovercraft and that they had no option. I thought at first he had said there is NO OXYGEN.  So I'm like this is how I die.  On a hovercraft with no oxygen.  GREAT! Not the cool death that I wanted, but it was still pretty cool.  Well he didn't say that and we arrived safely back on the island. Lame ending I know you wanted to hear how we were all drowning and then the missionaries save everyone and then convert the whole island.  Sorry, but I'm not Ammon;) Anyway we then have to take the mile and half walk on the Ryde pier while its raining and windy.  We then get on the ferry which is like a bouncing up and down and going crazy the whole way in.  SO MUCH FUN! 

I also had exchange with the zone leaders which was fun.  I got Elder Gugyelka which is always fun with this guy haha. He is the most interesting person to be with.  So different.  It was really fun though.  We had to go down to the southern part of the island to teach someone and we got there a little early so we were contacting. And this guy walks up to us and is like can we talk so of course as missionaries we get so excited and look like a dog that is just wiggling with excitement before he gets a treat.  This guy has been studying with JW's for the last two years but still stays with his baptist church. He is really confused and just wants to know truth.  He wanted to meet with us then but we couldn't cause we were booked full the whole day but set up another appointment.  He even already had a book of mormon! Guy is so awesome! And of course I will be leaving before we even get to teach him, but they don't call me the sower for no reason (they don't call me that).  We then talked to Mike went back up to Newport and then went knocking.  

Well this was the wettest knocking session of my life.  I have gotten wet before and it has rained while I have knocked before, but I have never had a waterfall for 45 minutes come down on me before. NIAGARA FALLS HERSELF WAS COMING DOWN ON US! My upper half stayed dry because of a sweet coat but my lower half was drenched.  It was so crazy, but a good time:) Of course it rained from the time we started finding to the end which was about an 1 hour or so. And then as soon as we finished it stopped and you could see the stars the rest of the night.  I love England's weather...

We have a sweet YSA member in our ward named Roxanne! She works at a chocolate and coffee place. And gives us free hot chocolate! Shout out to her for being awesome! We had another dinner with Sister Russell and her husband and Roxanne.  It was a blast and learned a lot about mid-evil instruments and about sloths.  Yes in case you didn't know the only time a sloth will touch the ground is to take the browns to the superbowl.  And also 10,000 years ago sloths use to be as big as elephants.  Crazy night! 

I will see that the last Sunday on the Island was so sad. I love this place so much and am very sad to be leaving. It seems that every area I leave it gets harder and harder to leave.  Missions are just the worst. You meet all these amazing people and love them so much and would do anything for them and then you leave and probably won't see most of them again.  The island has taught me so much and I truly feel like I have grown closer to my Savior while being here.  Have made a lot of stupid mistakes, but have made some amazing friendships and have been able to see some amazing miracles and changes in people.  I love this gospel so much and I know without a doubt that it is true. If you have doubts remember the words of President Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith."  I know that as we turn to the Christ for help and support that we can be lifted up in our trials and become more then we ever dreamed we could be.  

I love you all to shredzz and have a great week! 

Elder Wilson 

My district and Zone leaders and one of my favorite member Sister Russell. She is the best! 

Sister Russell

Br. Edwards (He has been in two explosions)

Br. Phillips

Favorite little guy Samuel

Ward Mission Leader Jason

Investigator Elizabeth

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