Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

I have never cried after leaving an area before because I am always so excited to go to my next area, but for the first time on my mission I cried because I was leaving an area.  It was honestly worse then leaving home since I had no idea if I would ever see those people again. I still just want to go back to the Isle of Wight, but I know that the Lord wants me here and there are people here for me to find and bring into the light of the gospel.  As for Plymouth it is a pretty massive place and is pretty cool! It has only rained once since I've been here and it wasn't it hard. But holy cow compared to the Island this place is so big and life is so fast in it.  Everyone on the island is either old or just sorta young and way chill.  Everyone in Plymouth goes to one of the two universities or just works so everyone is just going everywhere so fast.  There are also so many flippin people! And they aren't all English or white haha.  Like a kid on Christmas;) Such a different life style here its crazy.  Are flat is in the middle of the city and is basically 5 minutes away from all the cool stuff there is to see.  We have 6 Elders in our ward but they live in a four man flat a little north of us. One day I will be in a four man flat! We are right by the ocean as well and its beautiful. I really love contacting by it and it's really nice.  As for the ward they are pretty cool as well.  Our ward mission leader is a boss.  We play basketball every Thursday, Friday we have a seminar, and Saturday morning we play football (Soccer).  It's a lot of fun and a good way to get people out. Unfortunately the two sports I just flat out suck at are the two we play. Well time to get good I guess! The sad thing about this ward or should stake is that a lot of people are falling away from the church.  One of the Elders that served here a year ago told me that since he has left 35 people have gone less active. We also have 600 less actives in our ward alone.  Got our work cut out for us! 

My companion is a crazy big ginger Scottish man.  He is pretty funny as well which makes it easy to get along with him.  He is pretty blunt to which makes it easy to change.  He has a great love for the gospel and such a strong testimony and Spirit around him. He told me the other day that since I have come in, that instead of feeling the Spirit like once or twice a day he feels it like every hour. He also told me that the way I can captivate people when I speak and bring the Spirit is amazing as well.  I was just sitting there with my mouth wide opened and thinking is he talking about me? That was such a tender mercy from the Lord! I honestly feel like the biggest waster who can never feel the Spirit or be guided by it. So that was very touching to me.  It will be a good companionship. An interesting one but a good one.  

This last Saturday when we played football we played outside and it had just rained really hard the night before.  So the field was just a muddy mess.  All the English had cleats, but us missionaries were just running around on shoes actually more like slipping around haha. So basically all we did was just sit back and defend by coming up really hard and just either kicking the ball away, knocking people on their butts or what mostly happened falling on our own butts.  We were so muddy! Elder Gull and I kept just trying to take each other out haha. The area basically has no investigators so we are starting from scratch.  Always seems to be my luck:) We have a few less actives that we are working with so that helps with things.  We got a few solid return appointments for this week so pray that we get some solid new investigators out of it!

So last night we stopped a guy right before going in. Elder Mackay had already talked to him about a week ago, but we spoke to him again anyway.  He acted the same, but then I just out of nowhere started talking about the after life and then all of sudden he went from I'll call you to when can we meet up tomorrow and talk more.  It was amazing! Especially since we had been finding for the last 3 hours in the freezing cold and having no success and then the last guy we talk to we get a return appointment for today! The Lord is so amazing! Can't wait to speak to him tomorrow! 

Just before I finish this letter I would like to leave you with two quotes that I have been pondering about for awhile. First one comes from 17 miracles.

"We can't control their actions, but we can control ours."

The second one is from Ephraim's Rescue

"I am ready now, Brother Brigham."  (In response to Brigham Young sending people to save the handcart companion)

I think what it really comes down to is, we all have our agency and can make life good or bad for ourselves and for others no matter what circumstances we are in, and whether or not we will have the faith to just do what the Prophet asks and live our lives in such a way that we can respond with "I am ready now." 

I love this work and I love My God.  I have so many faults and do so many dumb things, but knowing that God's love is always there for me is what gets me to  get down on my knees everyday and then to get up and go to work.  I'm nowhere near the best missionary and really have no idea what I'm doing most the time, but I do know that Jesus is the Christ and that he lives so that we can too.  Look unto him in every thought, word, deed, and action and he will lift you and give you more power then you can ever imagine. 


Elder Wilson

 The picture of this church has a cool story.  When Brigham Young was serving his mission here this church rejected him and before he left he dusted his feet off and said that this church would burn and never be rebuilt again. Well it burned and every time they would rebuild it, it would just keep falling apart. And now it is just in its skeleton form and in the middle of round-a-bout.  Its just a two minute walk from our flat. So Cool! 


Dad's Note from a letter I received from Collin

I Just wanted to add a section from Collin from my letter he sent me about prayer.  I wrote to him about how we talked about it in Priesthood meeting yesterday.

"Glad you were able to talk about Prayer.  So true how we can get distracted and have the same ole same ole with our prayers.  Sorta of a funny story.  We talked about Prayer in Priesthood yesterday to and some false doctrine was said on how sometimes because of certain situations prayer doesn't work.  Are ward mission leader said that is false and then every one started arguing about it.  So after listening to everyone I raise my hand and just simply say, "Pray is meant for us to conform are will to God's, not us put are will on God and force him to change.  It doesn't matter how lowly or down you are because no one has ever been lower then the Savior and still in his worse hour he lifted his voice to God and said 'Not my will, but thine be done.'  If prayer isn't working for you then you need to take a step back and see if you are doing God's will or forcing your own."  It was really funny cause no one said a thing and they just continued on with the rest of the lesson.  Nothing like rebuking on your first Sunday."

It is amazing to watch Collin grow into a Spiritual Giant!
He also sent another email talking about what he is thankful for since this being Thanksgiving week. The ward he is now serving in will be fixing a Thanksgiving Dinner for the Elders so they can celebrate it.  


Since this will be my last Thanksgiving till I'm home I just wanted to tell you what I'm thankful for.  I am so thankful for my family! Even though we all have are differences you are what keep me going on my mission to share this wonderful message about families and making the happier! You all mean so much to me and I love you so much! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Get fat both in Spirit and Physically. 

Love ya!

Elder Wilson

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