Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

This week was just crazy and full of so many activities!  We went to the temple which was a blast! The coach ride there and back was so flippin funny.  Elder Gull, Elder Goldsmith, and Elder Olsen, and I all sat in the back and just talked about hunting, sponge bob, deep doctrine, and played this game where you have to try and touch the other persons beard without them licking you.  Lets just say that after 14 hours on a coach it got intense.  On the way back from the temple we also got Elder Gull this little wooden duck at a gas station and surprised him with it on the bus. He named it Carl after the llamas with hats YouTube video.  So dang funny! Just a good ole blast.  Of course the temple was the highlight of the whole trip.  It felt so good to finally be able to be in the temple! The spirit was so strong and I got a nice surprise with seeing my favorite companion Elder Green and going through with him.  It was amazing!  Elder Green and I just reverted back to are old selves from back in the Hedge End days and were laughing the whole time.  After the temple we had a very good Christmas dinner.  We sang carols and everyone got the chance to hit these little chimes to get the tunes of the carols. Pretty funny and spiritual. We then sang a few hymns and the Spirit was so strong and then President Millar bore his testimony. This will be his and Sister Millars last Christmas as mission president so it was very emotional and spiritual.  I will never forget it and am so sad I won't be there next year:( 

Friday we had the Ward Christmas party which we helped set up the last two weeks. The ward mission leaders wife Judith set it all up and did an amazing job! She is so awesome! Tons of people came and it was really good as well.  The next morning we had football and it was so crazy! The field just turned into straight mud. So it became a came of rugby football and ice skating combo.  We got so muddy! And at the end we did a massive victory slide on are stomachs in the mud.  So funny and so cold.  

Sunday was really good.  We had two less actives come to church which was amazing.  We wiped out are whole teaching pool and only have less actives at the moment. The work in Plymouth is very rough and most of our time is spent trying to form a good relationship with the ward and to build their trust. Very difficult.  But we got to listen to the Christmas devotional and it was really good.  The story of the little boy that Elder Christofferson told was amazing. I just love how amazing we human beings can be.  Always amazes me the things we are willing to do for each other. Always is a reassurance that there really is a God and that he loves all his children no matter what.  Oh yeah just to brag a little bit. My mom is the greatest mom ever and does the 12 days of Christmas for me and my companion. It started on Saturday and my companion says every morning "Your mom is a legend." So dang funny and makes me so proud to have the mom and dad that I do.  Especially since the old man looks like Santa for not shaving in so long.  Love my parents! 

I hope you all have had a great week and will have an even better one this week.  Remember what this time of year is all about and may God bless you! LOVE YOU ALL TO SHREDZZ!! 

Elder Wilson

Hanging out in the backseat

Buss Ride to the Christmas Party

The London Temple

Collin and his companion from Scotland

Collin and his Favorite companion Elder Green

Ok now a nice pic

War Paint

after a football(soccer)/rugby game

Ward Christmas Party

The Wood Duck

Temple Selfies

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