Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Well this week was just all over the place again. Seems like every time we finally have time to go finding something pops up and we don't have anytime anymore. It sucks because its been like this for the last month and so now just the thought of going on the streets for two hours to find some people is like torture. But its okay we all must have the trial of our faith! We have been doing the 12 days of Christmas for three different families. We just make a different type of cookie each day and take it over. The Ward Mission Leaders wife makes the cookies actually because she is that awesome and then we scramble around to deliver them. It has actually been a lot harder then we thought, but oh well its been fun! 

I few highlights of this week. We were able to visit lots of members this week and share "He Is the Gift" Video with them. So amazing and I just love the video so much. My favorite thing about it is how it is just so fast and crazy in the beginning and then it just slows down. I think that is the message we need to take in.  Yes Christmas is fun and there are a lot of exciting things going on. But we need to just take the time to slow down and think about what really matters and ponder on the First Gift of Christmas being Jesus Christ.  That's probably my favorite thing about being a missionary at this time of year.  It honestly does not feel like Christmas at all, but I have learned more about Jesus Christ at this time of year then I ever have before. He truly is the greatest gift ever given. Now its just our job to share it! 

I had an exchange as well this week with an Elder Bradford. And boy oh boy is he the definition of true greeny. If I had half the enthusiasm he has at the beginning of my mission I would be AP.  He is a good missionary though, just needs to figure out how to be effective and efficient. As well which is the hardest thing to do just stop and listen to those who have more experience. I only share this because he is exactly like me when I was a greeny.  Just try to do everything at once and nothing gets done. The biggest thing I've learned as a missionary is to just do what the Lord asks of you and then think of others as you do it.  So often I see missionaries try and add rules and do crazy things to the mission rules to try and be 110% obedient and be such an amazing missionary.  And often they are just more tired and get the same amount of work done and are usually depressed because they are doing more then Heavenly Father expects, but feel they are terrible.  As the good Old Testament teaches us, "It is better to be obedient then to sacrifice."  Yes if we desire we can wake up at 6 instead of 6:30 so we can study a little bit extra, but Heavenly Father only expects me to wake up at 6:30.  Yes I can go crazy in the streets and chase people and try to talk to every single person I see. But Heavenly Father only expects me to talk to as many people as I can. I'm not making excuses to be lazy, but I feel as missionaries and members we put all this extra burden on ourselves by making these little rules. When we are told to Magnify our callings and membership all it means is to be obedient and to do all you can. Not become like the law of Moses and have a check list on everything.  As we will just simply be 100% obedient (not 110 or 99) and serve others as we do so Heavenly Father will make up for the areas we lack and we will see so many miracles! 

Sorry about the little rant. Just passionate about it.  On Sunday we go to help the primaries Nativity Play by being Shepherds. I Just love little kids! They are so funny and so cute. At the end of the Nativity they had each kid say something that they would say to Jesus if he were right there. Almost all of them said Thank you or I love you. So touching to see how much faith kids really have. The best one said was by the ward mission leaders daughter and she said "Happy  Birthday."  So funny! 

Well that's my week in a nutshell. The work is slow, but just have to keep doing our best. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas remember to always look to the Savior! LOVE YA ALL TO SHREDZZ!! 


Elder Wilson

Just one of the investigators Elder Gull is teaching and his girlfriend. She is a member and he is getting baptized soon. They are so awesome and gave all the missionaries presents. I got a gun that shoots darts so now I just shoot Elder Mackay all the time during studies:)

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