Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2015

Well nothing really happened this week.  Just did a whole lot of finding with no success and went and visited are less actives we are working with.  The less active work in Plymouth is always keeping us busy but we have nothing when it comes to investigators.  You would think that the hearts of the English would soften up at Christmas time, but no they just get harder. So frustrating.  Nice thing is we have are Mission Christmas party so we basically get two days off  because of traveling since we are like 5 hours away from the mission home plus we get to go to into the temple!! To pumped for that.  You people in Utah have no idea what it's like to not have a temple 5 minutes away and can go whenever you want.  Use them! They are such a blessing and so amazing.  We also have our ward Christmas party this week so that will be good! 

Basketball and Football (soccer) went will this week.  More and more nonmembers are starting to come out.  Its funny how the two sports I suck at and don't really like are basically the only two sports England plays besides rugby and missionaries aren't allowed to play cause we get worked up to fast haha.  But my skills are getting better and I can almost dribble a football pretty well.  Nothing beats American football or baseball though. Its fun to play American football in England because the English basically can't do anything with there hands.  Its like ok I'm going to throw this at you and all you have to do is catch it. Nope that is just to hard so it makes all the fat Americans in the mission look like they play for the NFL.  Good times.  

I also went on exchange with Elder Gull this week.  Man this guy is so epic! He lives in Salem, Utah and is the biggest redneck just like me.    He also has epic hunting stories.  It's funny though to see this big redneck so loved struck.  He has like a proper girlfriend of 4 years and the stories of him dating her you would think he was Mr.Romantic. So dang funny.  He and I just spent all day talking about our hunting stories and the kind of guns and things we will buy when we go home.  Yes, we also did missionary work and committed one of their Investigators to be baptized! Its was a good and much needed exchange.  Elder Gull is going to turn me into a proper hunter when I get home. He even wants to start a business with me when we are home.  To awesome! 

Well that's all I got. Before I leave something that I got out of my study today that I never noticed before was out of 3 Nephi 21.  Did you know that America has two destinies.  If they don't repent the Lord will destroy them and if they repent they will help build the New Jerusalem. My mind was just blown that I never realized that's what it was saying till now. Go read the chapter it is so intense! 

Anyway I love you all and have a great week! 

Elder Wilson 

Just what Elder Gull and I do on exchange at night.  May the force be with you


We found out today Collin comes home July 22nd!!!!

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