Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Well this week was pretty great! Nothing really all that exciting really happened. The greatest part of the week though was the baptism! I had nothing to do with it at all. I didn't even see Daniel for the first time until an hour before the baptism.  It was still really good and crazy, but I'll get to that in a second.  Elder Redd is a stud. This kid just has his head on strait. Definitely will be a ZL by the time I go home and possibly an AP.  He is a lot of fun to work with. He has had a lot of companions go home or be apostate so he is happy he finally has a companion that is willing to work and has experience.  Our area is pretty huge! There is a lot going on and it is just really nice to have things to do everyday which makes finding a lot more enjoyable since you aren't doing it for 8 strait hours.  

The ward is awesome! They are really small like 60 active people, but it is really nice because my last 5 wards have been a 100+ people. My favorite members so far are the Smiths who are just like big brother and sister. When we went to dinner there they found out I basically die during hay fever season and so they are going to get me local honey so that my body starts building an immune system to the pollen.  They also are an epic missionary family and want to have a friend have dinner with us which is awesome! Another really cool family is the Hitotos.  The husband is jacked! His email name is Brown Sugar which is hilarious. Him and his wife are both RM's.  Just a fun loving ward.  

The baptism went well. We showed up at about 3 hours before the baptism to start filling it up and weekly plan while it did when we couldn't find the key to the boiler room so we ended up spending two hours filling a pot up and dumping it into the fount. It was a blast! Good thing Daniel was a small kid cause it only went up to about his lower thigh haha. Plus it was freezing cold which was awesome! After the baptism we had a MTC for the members. Basically the RM's in the ward just had a few workshops and then Elder Redd and I gave a presentation on the Europe Area Plan which is boss. And then the best part was that President and Sister Millar came even though they have had a rough few weeks. In the last two weeks including this one 8 Elders have gone home and a bunch have problems.  I have never seen them so tired before, but when they bore their testimony at the end they both still had fire in their eyes and spoke with some much power, It was amazing! Half the ward was there as well and it was just a great experience. I love this ward so much already! Something that really touched me about the ward though is that they all complimented me on the way that I speak and talk. It was really nice because it has been something I've been working on and feel like I'm rubbish at, but Heavenly Father sure does know how to make feel loved!

Well I don't have much time this week,but one thing I have learned this week that I learn every time I move is that change is GOOD FOR YOU! Yeah it sucks and is hard at first, but if you just dive on in and try to learn something from it all you just learn to love everything about the area and the people.  Truly have grown strong because of all the change in my missionary life! 

God bless and LOVE YA'LL TO SHREDZZ!! 


Elder Wilson

Daniel's baptism 

The boys in the District! 

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