Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Well this week was just so dang AWESOME! Had exchange with the Zone Leaders which was a blast! I was with Elder Bradshaw who is from my group and actually was in my room at the MTC. I haven't been around him since we left the MTC so it was awesome to catch up on things. He loves baseball like me and just working hard and having a good time which we did! Talk to so many great people! Only bad part was is that I missed our train stopped which made for a crazy night haha. Not really just a whole lot of waiting around.  Learned a lot from Elder Bradshaw. Love that man of God! 

Best part of the week was we got a Baptismal Date! We have been teaching him for awhile now, but he accepted for April 25! He is the nicest guy I know and we are going to the temple tomorrow with him which is awesome! He even told his family who wanted him to drink some alcohol no thank you! So awesome to see how he is doing so well! We also were able to start seeing these two boys Solomon and Isaac who kind of fell off the map for a bit, but we played football (soccer) with them  and now we are best friends so that is pretty awesome! They thought I was really good at football as well:) Oh yeah I know like football... I never thought it would happen, but it is a dang fun sport. The funniest part of the night was I had stolen the ball from Isaac and he is 11 and out of nowhere he just comes flying up and tackles me haha! It was so funny. Unfortunately for him my fat body landed on him and killed him haha.  Good times! 

Saturday we got the call from President that Elder Redd is moving and becoming a Zone Leader at 6 freaking months out in the field! Since President Millar goes home in June he wants young leadership so that the new mission president has an easier transition.  Going to miss this boy! He is my Elda and I am his White Puma haha.  Funny story about my nickname.  Anyway since Elder Redd is going and the ward loves him to death we have just had appointments and seeing people like crazy! Been so great! I am getting a new companion called Elder Gibbons! He is Irish and came into my ward when I was in Slough so pretty pumped to serve with him! He is awesome missionary!

My new song that I am always singing with Elder Redd now is 

There's a bright golden beam in the meadow
There's a bright golden beam in the meadow
The corn is as high as the elephants eyes 
as it points to the sky 
Ooh what beautiful morning! 
Ooh what a beautiful day! 
I got a wonderful feeling that 
Everything is going my way

Yes it is awesome and makes morning exercise fun haha! We also at a dinner appointment with the Smiths sang and danced with them as they put their little girl to bed! It was the best! Love that family so much! 

With Easter coming closer I hope we will all take time to remember all that our Loving Heavenly Father has done for us especially in sending us His Son Jesus Christ. Because of Christ death has no sting, Because of Him all that is unfair about life will be made up through His atonement.  I know that He lives! I have felt his love so much during my mission and the love that he has for every single of you! We are ALL children of God and He will never, no never forsake us! 

Have a great week and love ya to shredzz! 

Elder Wilson

The district and bowling with the Guildford Elders and Sisters last P-day! I took 2nd:)

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