Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Well had a pretty great week! We have another baptismal date for May 2! He is super prepared and just an awesome guy! Don't have much time for his story, but we basically were chilling in our P-day clothes on a train and he walked up to us and he is former and now he wants to be baptized! Who knew missionary work could be so easy! Was able to go to the temple this morning! I love that place so much and it is just has the greatest Spirit! Take advantage of the Temple! God will bless you so much for it! Also got to go through with Elder Heninger which was sweet! Who would have thought two boys from Herriman, Utah would be sitting together in a temple halfway across the world! LOVE THIS CHURCH! 

Conference was amazing and I loved every single moment of it as always! Of course they would raise the bar for young single adults right before I go home. Dang it! Just kidding everything Elder Ballard said I was already planning to do ages ago haha.  I felt like that talks about Shiblon and Not seeking leadership were directed at me. I have spent my whole mission never having leadership or training and it has been really hard. But a few weeks ago I really learned that if you are making Heavenly Father happy by doing what you are suppose to and bring souls unto Christ then you are cherished and loved by Heavenly Father. So if your older brother gets 71 versus in scriptures and your younger brother 99 versus and you only get 15 versus then you are doing well! I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for all that it brings into my life! The church is true! The greatest message we can share with the world is the resurrection of Jesus Christ! 

Have a great week and love you to shredzz!! 


Elder Wilson

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