Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

This week was pretty run of the mill week. We had a lot of service for members which was really nice since it has been so hot and sunny. Just getting normal clothes on and working hard always feels good. Elder Gibbons also lost our phone so this is the third time one of my companions has done something so that we don't have a phone. Luckily the zone leaders had an extra phone so we could use that for now.  We had a really hard time getting in contact with our investigators this week, but Heavenly Father still blesses us with so many miracles! After getting our new phone we walked out to the middle of nowhere to knock the door of this former investigator. At first we didn't want to go because it was so far away, but we decided to do it. Well we knock on the door and ask for James. He tells us to come in and so we do. He then leaves for a little bit and comes back out in trousers and says "Hi, I'm James." It took everything I had to not laugh. Anyway he is from the Philippines and knows so much about the church! We had a really good lesson and he accepted a baptismal date as well for May 23! Was such a cool miracle! After when we were about to leave he was like you can't leave until I feed you. So he made us a huge thing of pasta and a massive piece of chocolate cake.  Not everyday that you knock on a random door in the middle of nowhere and get fed.. especially in England!

The other cool miracle was at church. Two of our investigators bailed on us Sunday morning so before leaving for church we prayed there would be a miracle and someone would come to church. While we were greeting people at the door up walks this middle eastern man.  He was a former investigator who was taught by Elder Redd who had gone to Pakistan to help his dying father and just showed up randomly! It was amazing to see God just keep answering our prayers.  All of our investigators and baptismal dates right now are former investigators so they are miracles! All you missionaries out there doing former work! I have had two people I have found from formers in past areas get baptized.  

Other then that our week was pretty good. We have Ipad training this week on Wednesday in Crawley! So not only are we getting ipads soon, but get to go back to one of my old areas! Can't wait! Plus it will be the first time on my mission the whole mission will be gathered together in one area. Going to be epic since half of my companions go home next week:( Life is great an enjoying everyday in the ELSM(England London South Mission)!! 

Have a great week and LOVE YOU TO SHREDZZ!!  

Elder Wilson

P.s. Shout out to my cousin for getting married last week! She is hot mate.. I mean you did well and she is beautiful;) 

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