Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

What a great week and crazy week it has been! I got me boy! His name is Elder Olson and he is a boss dog! He is from Bedford, Texas and for those of you who care he played football for Trinity High School who are the ones Bingham played and got smashed by. He is a super prepared missionary and keeps me working hard especially at the end of my mission! We got a lot of work to be doing, but it will be good. 

It is fun to see new missionaries out for the first time and to remember how it was for you. I forgot how tough it can be to stop someone in the streets and just know what to say and ask and be calm and make everything flow.  Been a great learning experience for me.  Had a cool miracle yesterday though.  So after skyping (which was amazing and weird to think it was the last one) we left the members house, but I had left the phone there and had to account in that night. So we were scrambling all over to find a phone and the payphone kept dropping calls and eating my money so finally I was like Dominos lets go there.  I ask the girl if we can use the phone and she said yes. While she was dialing it for us she was asking if we were Jehovah witness's. Asking what we believed and everything else. So after  I got done with the phone she was like ok so teach me about Jesus and Mormons. At first it was a joke for her, but it all of sudden turned right around and she was genuinely interested.  We asked for her number and she gave it to us and said to text and call her to meet up this week! So awesome that even when you are dumb and leave the phone somewhere and are scrambling all over the place he still places people in front of you and shows you that this is His work and he will put you where he needs you to be even if it means losing your phone.  

Nothing much else happened this week. We got Ipads which are super awesome! Emailing on it right now which is awesome:) I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I love you to shredzz!! 


Elder Wilson

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