Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey everyone!

This week started off red hot and then just slowed right down at the end. That's alright because that is just how missionary goes sometimes. The good thing is I can still smile and I get to see my boy Elder Redd tomorrow at my last zone conference. Hard to believe that it is going to be my last zone conference! Everything is just becoming one big blur. Especially since I have leadership now. So crazy!

Had a really cool miracle early this week. We went to a less actives named Avril who is doing so well and who I love so much! Well during the teach I had this thought pop into my head hey show this video. We weren't planning on showing it but thanks to the iPads I just pulled it out and showed it. I thought it would be perfect for her which it was, but after she was like the whole time I was watching that I was thinking of this guy. So she gave us his info and after the teach we popped by. His name is Phil and he is a super cool guy. He has just come to find out what God and Jesus Christ can do for him in his life.
We set an appointment up for the next day. The teach was boss! He said he has never felt the Spirit but wants to so bad so we said well here is the Book of Mormon and this is what you have to do. So cool! After the teach Elder Olson said, " I was a ward missionary back home for 3 months and went on teaches every other day and never have had a teach that Spiritual before." I just smiled, but inside I was like that's right I know what I'm doing... Just kidding I have no idea what I'm doing I just rely on the Spirit and hope for the best;) it was really cool though.

Had exchange with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Lloyd who just got made a ZL and has only been out 10 months but we had so much fun in Addlestone. We just went contacting for 5 hours and it literally felt like 10 minutes. Was so much fun! We talked to this lady on a bench named Stella who had some time so we asked if we could sit by her and teach her and she said yes for sure. Had a really good teach and then asked her to be baptised and she said yes! And in her prayer at the end she said how she had been wanting to learn more about the Mormons, but hadn't had time and was so grateful for this opportunity.
Was epic! After working hard all day we partied hard in the flat. Made some super bad burnt chocolate chip pancakes with overly priced syrup and what we thought would be legit Reese's peanut butter but wasn't haha. Such and epic fail! After we decided to sleep on our roof so we chucked the mattresses out there and were sitting there thinking about camping and were like hey we need a fire. So we go back in and couldn't find anything to start a fire! So we use the electric stove till it caught the paper on fire and then went running through the flat to get outside. Elder Lloyd dropped the paper once which was pretty funny, but in the end we had a little fire for a bit haha. Best exchange ever!

One tender mercy the Lord gave us at the end of the week was a girl named Daisy. We had just got done sprinting two miles after a dinner appointment to catch the last train so we were sweating pretty bad and I thought Elder Olson was going to literally die but good thing he is a Texan. When this girl walks up to me and and ask where the train is going. I told her and she then sits right across from us. Elder Olson and I were both just to tired and sweaty to even care to talk to anyone. Well I notice that this girl kept staring at us so I decided to forget about myself for once and said hello, how was your day. Her reaction was as if I had just given her a million dollars. She just smiled and started chatting with us and turns out she had taken a class where they had discussed Mormons quite a bit so she had all these questions for us. She was going where we were going so we ended up talking for like 45 minutes and it was super awesome. She believes in a higher power, but we asked her if we could meet up with her sometime soon and teach her to find out if God is really there. She said yes and so we got all the details. Was super cool and lesson learned that if you will just do the Lord's Will even when you look like a water fountain of sweat and smell like a pig you will see miracles!

Pretty much it for the week. The sisters in my district our boss and so much fun to work with. Really loving my life right now! Hope you all have a great week and LOVE YOU TO SHREDZZ!!!!


Elder Wilson

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