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June 15, 2015

Sorry I am late in posting this.

Hiya everyone!

Well this week was pretty much awesome! Monday and Tuesday were mostly finding. We found a really cool guy named Andy that we taught on Friday. He doesn't really have a belief in God, but is willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray. He even told us that he would pray for us next time. Pretty cool dude. Morris is doing quite well too. Met his mom for the first time which was great because she is a less active member. We met her and then she sat in on the next teach and said I will be at church on Sunday. God loves us so much here in Addlestone!
It has been a lot of fun just being able to have a nicely balanced week of finding and teaching. Makes for much better days and week!
Wednesday we were knocking and this one guy wasn't very fond of us asking him about his religion and trying to share ours. It was getting heated real quick until he recognised my American accent and was like I love America. The whole mood of discussion flipped 180 degrees. He wasn't interested in the end, but he said that he would take me on a tour of London before I go home! Before we left he was like I'm serious about London so you better be back. I may not be able to baptise many people, but I'm good at making friends and getting free stuff!

Had a great dinner Sunday with our ward mission leader and his family.
He is the one with the four daughters. It was funny because while we were helping getting things ready his second youngest Elsa came up and started holding my hand and was like can you please come play uno with me? I told her  "go ask your mom first if there is anything you can help with then I will." So she bounds across and asks her mom, who has her set the table. She then comes back and grabs my hand and says can we go play uno now? I told her to go ask her mom one more time so she runs over real quick. Her mom has her do some things and then I picked there new puppy up and he fell asleep in my arms right away so of course the girls start freaking and saying how cute it was that the dog loved me and then started taking pictures (mostly Elsa haha). Such a cute and fun family. Brother Jones was able to spend 4 hours with Elder Holland in a priesthood leadership training and recorded his testimony at the end and then shared it with us and wow was it amazing! All I have to say is parents with struggling kids, just love them and keep your covenants and I promise it will be worth it in the end. Love my ward mission leader! Which leads me into the highlight of my week!

So Friday I went to London to listen and meet Elder Holland! It was a fun trek there because I've never been to London and it is a sweet city! The AP's had me guide everyone to the chapel because it was quite a walk from the Station. So I had like half the mission following me around London haha. Hyde Park Chapel is beautiful and an amazing place! The best part of course was having Elder Holland walk in and just feel the Spirit enter the room like a flood. I was able to shake hands with Elder Holland and listen to him for an hour and a half! It was probably the most amazing thing ever to happen to me! Any of you who doubt or don't think God has once again called Apostles and Prophets again, I testify to you that he has and these 15 men God has called to lead us our holy and truly chosen by God. I have never felt such an out pouring of love for one person before. When I shook his hand I was filled with the Spirit and love of God so much! There were so many things I loved about what he spoke about. We were joined with London Mission which was cool to see people I hadn't since the MTC.
But our two missions were where Elder Holland served his mission. Man does he love this country! So here are the things I learned from him that I really liked.
- We are apostolic for the two years or 18 months we serve as missionaries. Elder Holland is a capital "A" Apostle and we are lower case "a" apostles.
- They send us to the temple to prepare us to the best of their abilities for our missions
- Everything is built around the law of obedience
- When we say we are the Only true and living church, we are not saying no other church has truth in it, we are saying we are the only church that has God's full authority to preform saving ordinances for salvation.
- The war in heaven never finished, it was just transferred to earth
- The road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemane and ascends to the top of Calvary

There was so much more I learned and that was said and I wish I could share it all with you, but more importantly I wish I could share the Spirit and love that I felt in that meeting. If you ever have a chance to listen to an Apostle whether you are a member or not do it!

I bear witness to you hat God speaks to us this day through His chosen servants. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father lives and that Jesus Truly is the Christ and that he is our Saviour and Redeemer. To those of you who are not members I specifically speak to you. This is the truth and there is no other way to fully accept Christ and His Atonement then by being baptised by His authority into His church. I know this is the way and that there is no other way. Christ's arm is out stretched always and all you have to do is grab on and trust him in what he says. I love this Gospel and the light, love, peace, and joy it has brought into mine and my families life! In His holy name, Amen.



Elder Wilson

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