Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Well this week was super slow again. We decided to drop everyone in our teaching pool besides one person and start with a clean slate. Our area is huge so we will be working some parts of our area that never get touched so that will be a lot of fun! We did have a pretty cool miracle. A recent convert named Bernard who is 87 and super awesome had a heart attack and was in the hospital all last week. We didn't know until last P-day so we went and saw him on Tuesday and he was doing a lot better and being released.  It was funny while we were there he was telling everyone how much he loves us and the church and all we did for him and how we baptized him and gave him the Holy Ghost and Priesthood. It was so awesome. He even told the nurses the whole time in the hospital that we would show up just you wait. Love that man! After we were walking to go see some one who lived right by the hospital and all of a sudden this Italian guy comes running up to us saying I'm a Mormon I'm a Mormon! Could barely understand him, but basically he is escaping some criminals from Brazil and was making his way to Italy when something happened to the plane and now he is in the hospital. He asked for a book of Mormon and we gave him the chapel info and our info.  When we walked away Both Elder Olson and I just felt the Spirit confirmed we were an answer to a prayer. It was a very sweet and tender moment. Plus he came to church yesterday! Was so cool to see how this church is home no matter what part of the country you are in that you can know for sure that you can find brothers and sisters who will help you! I love this gospel! 

Was sad to hear about Elder Perry passing away. Was an amazing disciple of the Lord and I will always remember him for his cheeky smile:)

Something funny that happened yesterday. We were at the Tarr's for dinner and every time we are there, their daughter who just got home from a mission and is at BYU-I skypes them. So were  best friends now haha.  We always hear her dating stories and I give her a hard time about getting married soon and she gives me a hard time about going home soon. I don't do this on purpose though. I try to just let the family talk, but she always wants to talk to the missionaries and I always feel so bad, but it makes everyone laugh so its a good time! Missions are just the best! Also made a bet with her daughter. The guy she is sorta of dating served in London and Sister Tarr wanted to know what places he served. Kaitlyn (the daughter) was like mom that is weird for me to ask. I told her to just tell him that your mom wants to have a conversation starter at our wedding and needs to know the places you served. She laughed and said she will do it if I do it first. So now I'm doing it haha. Going to be awesome! I don't know how I get myself into these things. 

Anyway I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week! I know that God and His Son Jesus Christ live and that this is their church on the earth again. I'm a little trunky, but laser focused...girls! Just kidding, love you all to shredzz!! 

Elder Wilson

So here is my boy and Elder Lloyd's and I campout on the roof! 

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