Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Can I just say that i love you people so much!? I find it hard to wake up and not smile. I know a lot of us have trials and the world just seems to keep trying to kill itself, but what makes me smile is the fact that I know that we all have a Loving Heavenly Father who is in control and as long as I do my best I know myself and my family will be alright. Over the last two years I have come to know and understand more and more everyday by what Christ meant when he said, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27). I hope you all will be able to feel this peace like I have. I will tell you now though that it cannot be found in anything the world has to offer. No amount of money, no government, no popularity, and no sin will ever bring that peace. In simpler words used by a father to a son,"Wickedness never was happiness."

Anyway it has been a pretty dang good week! Mostly because all we did is find. The people seem to be softening up a little bit more. The English tend to be nicer when the weather is hot and nice. In fact the English pretty much reflect what the weather is like. I call it the English forecast (I just came up with it right now). We didn't have to much success finding, but it was one of those weeks where I felt like a did all the Lord wanted me to do just simply because I followed the Spirit. On Wednesday we were suppose to teach this guy. He flogged us and I just had this impression to go to Woking which is quite a distance away. So we went there and had like an hour and half we could be there. We ran over to a less active we had been teaching, but her husband needed a little bit of a break. We just talked to her at her doorstep but it was the greatest visit ever! She was like yeah I have been reading the Book of Mormon more. We asked her if she felt a difference when she read and didn't read and she was like yeah when I read I don't get angry as fast and I feel more calm during the day!
She also has been praying out loud! She didn't do any of these things when we were teaching her, but she said she felt like since we weren't coming around for a bit she needed to step it up. AWESOME!!

After that we remembered this guy we talked to who said his son in law and daughter were Mormons and to come by in a couple weeks. Well that was like almost two months ago so we ran down there quickly. We knocked on the door and this guy comes out and says NO, and slams the door in our face. We were like ok they don't like Mormons and started to walk away.  Then this girl comes out saying sorry excuse my brother. Then another man (with a sick ginger beard) comes out. They were the people we were looking for and their names are the Hookers:) In my prayers I told Heavenly Father to bless the Hookers and how grateful I was to meet the Hookers. It was great:) Anyway they just moved back to Woking and are getting settled in and coming to church soon. Super awesome couple. The girl looked just like Nancy(exgirlfriend not aunt) but with short blonde hair. It was weird.
Super cool day that was. The next day we had zone conference and it was awesome! Love my leaders. President Millar leaves tomorrow and we will then have President Gubbler. Bitter sweet moment. After though we only had two hours to work and we had some solid people to stop by and before we went out I was looking over a list and got this feeling to go stop by this guy out in the middle of no where. At first I thought it was just me wanting to be a waster but I felt pretty strong impression to go there so we just went and did it. Travelled way out there and he wasn't in. On the way back when we were close to our flat and having no success I see down the road a guy who was preparing to be baptised but we had lost contact with him. I love how the Lord blesses you more then you could ever imagine when you just listen to His Spirit. Meeting up with the guy this week so should be good!

The rest of the week was great. Had a wonderful dinner with a former investigator named Keten. He is a great guy, but is a transgender and wasn't interested in our message, but we are best friends with him. He loved Elder Redd and I and fed me for my going away party haha. Love Keten! Went to a born again fellowship that was held by one of our investigators named Ramond. Lovely bunch of people showed up including this crazy Italian lady who loved us so much haha. Was a lot of fun being able to see how other people worship. Different, but their hearts are still so big and full of love. I love them so much! I also had to give a talk in sacrament and said goodbye to everyone because most of the American families are leaving for holiday before I go home and then everyone freaked out because they didn't realise I was going home as soon as I am. So now the dinner appointments are all full:) I love being loved haha. One of the biggest things I have come to learn on my mission is that Love is the most powerful thing out there. The love I have for the people of England just cannot be described using words. I was physically born in America, but spiritually born in this great land of England.  I'm going to miss this little island and it's crazy people!

It is super hot here so I can't wait to have air conditioning again when I get home. Will be nice to not sweat when I sleep:) Pray I don't die from sweating! I also know I have it easy compared to some of you, but I'm use to the cold so leave me alone haha. I love you all to SHREDZZ and have a great week! The church is true!


Elder Wilson

The born again fellowship. The dark guy and the lady he has his arms on are our investigators.

Dad's Note

In the email to his mom today Collin gave us stats from his mission which are fun to see.

Areas: 7
Comps: 14
Suits: Total of 4 but two destroyed
Shoes: 5 destroyed shoes
Shirts: 13 Destroyed shirts
Trousers: 4 destroyed trousers
District Leaders: 13
Mission Presidents: 2

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