Monday, July 6, 2015

16 DAYS LEFT!!!!

July 6, 2015

Well this week was pretty much as if I lived on the sun or more like hell. It was about 90 degrees for two of the days this week and near there for the rest. And guess what we have no air conditioning!
Luckily today it rained and was super cool and I think I finally stopped sweating...maybe. I thought England was suppose to be rainy and miserable. Well the miserable part is still here:). I don't know now how some missionaries deal with that kind of heat everyday for two years. They are my new hero's.

Anyway the week itself was actually a lot of fun. We had exchanges with the zone leaders and I was with Elder Lloyd again, but this time in Staines! It was another great and memorable exchange with Elder Lloyd. We had two teaches right of the bat in the morning. Two really solid people and even extended a baptismal date to one and they said yes! Super cool girl. In the second teach we get a call from my Sisters saying they need me to come to Kingston now to give a baptismal interview. We were like we will be there as fast we can.
They had canceled it that morning so it was a surprise to us. We get down there and I do the interview which was an amazing experience.
When I told her she was worthy to be baptised and saw the tears come into her eyes I was just filled with the Spirit and wish I could have given her the biggest hug. That's probably the hardest thing for me is not being able to give the sisters or other females hugs of joy or comfort. I don't say that just because I want to hug a girl, but sometimes words and handshakes just aren't enough and a hug is the only thing that is needed. So rough being a missionary. After that though we drove back up to Staines got a quick bite to eat because we hadn't had anything since breakfast and then went and did an act of love for one of there investigators and then went to a dinner appointment with the craziest and best member ever named Carol. She was so funny. She has this cat and she calls her Satan because as soon as you touch her she claws you to death. I was like well I'm pretty much the spawn of Satan so I should be ok. She warned me not to, but I go over and just start petting the cat and cuddling her. She was shocked haha. So funny,

Alright so that is not even the best part of exchange. As always Elder Lloyd and I work hard, but play harder. We get to the flat quickly plan (because this was the hottest day of the week) so we can change.
They have a four man flat so we were like hey it's pretty much a sauna in here so why don't we sleep outside since they have a backyard. We chuck the mattresses out there and it's wonderful and dandy and slept so beautiful and it was cold. Well we forgot one thing. To shut the back door to the house. Well at about 4:30 in the morning we see this fox trying to get into the flat. We shoo him away. I then have to go use the toilet and Elder Oh comes with me. Well I finish and go back outside to sleep and Elder Oh comes out a little bit after and is like the fox destroyed my bag. Well apparently the fox made multiple trips into the flat where he ruined Elder Oh's bag, stole a whole bunch of cookies, ate part of Elder Lloyd's belt, and stole Elder Hartshorns wallet with all his cards, money, and drivers license. Of course all of my stuff was ok:) All of us were laughing so hard, but Elder Oh was one angry Korean. He was making some secret combinations to destroy the fox. I interviewed him with my iPad on what he was going to do to the fox and how he felt and it was pretty funny. Great exchange!

Friday we got to meet our new mission president! President and Sister Gubler (goob-ler) are the best! Wow are they awesome and so full of life! He has some great ideas and they are both so full of love! Sucks I only get them for two weeks:( They are in our ward though and they came to church which was awesome being able to get a little personal time with them. He was super loving to me and kept telling everyone that I'm staying for another two years so sorry mom and dad President said I got to stay so there is that;) I was able to get my first date set up for when I go home as well. Brother Jones daughter Elsa came up to me after church and was talking to me and asked when I go home. I told her and then she said hey me to! The best part is right after that she says,"I can't wait to see you in Utah because then you can give me piggyback rides and I can sit on your lap." Haha she cracks me up. We also were able to have a dinner appointment with Bishop after church. His family all went to Utah so we spent the afternoon with him and a really great family he baptised in Kingston when he first moved to England. They were a proper miracle!

So it's been a great week, but we are struggling to find people to teach. Keep us in your prayers and for the hearts of the people to soften to the gospel. One of the greatest lessons I have learned on my mission is obedience. Obedience is key to everything. When we obey we show our faith and when we do everything the Lord commands us to do with exactness we receive these promises, His Spirit to be with us(John 14:15-16 and sacrament prayer), we gain power(Alma 17:2-3), miracles(Moroni 7:37) and we receive blessings(D&C 130:20-21). As I have obeyed the Lord I have seen how he fulfils all of these wonderful promises. Who of us would not want to have His Spirit to be with us more, or to have power to do whatever the day brings, and who doesn't want miracles or blessings. They are all ours to have if we will just follow Jesus Christ and strive to do the will of the Father as He so perfectly showed us. I am obedient not because I can't see, but because I can see. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I give my witness with the Angels that beautiful Sunday morning, "He is not here, for He is risen." I know this to be true with every fiber of my being and is why I have spent the last two years of my life proclaiming it to these wonderful people of England!


Elder Wilson

Dinner With Elder Lloyd and Carol! Don't mind my fat face

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