Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oct. 2, 2013

First off I'm not being apostate by sending this email since it is not my P-day, but it is the only email I'm sending so don't feel like your missing something haha. Alright so in the photo when we aren't all going crazy I will go left to right.  First is me, then Elder Probst who transfers to a new area today.  Next is his companion Elder Hammond who is the only English guy in the group.  Next is Elder Clark who is a cat lover and so dang funny and is leaving us to go train someone in a brand new area. Poor guy has only been out three months and just finished training himself.  He is also engaged haha.  Next is his companion and our district leader Elder Smith.  Coolest guy I've ever met and I can relate to him a lot.  Next is my beautiful companion Elder Anderson:)  Everyone is from Utah except Elder Hammond who gets made fun of a lot haha.  Just to explain the funny photo I was suppose to just be facing backwards, but we are on a hill so I slipped into Elder Probst who just started hugging me so you get what you see.  The other two photos are with Elder Smith who has the funny smile and Elder Hammond the English man.  Hope you enjoy the photos!
Love you guys!


Elder Wilson

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