Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Well this week has been great! Had an awesome exchange with a Elder Smith's companion who has just started his mission.  It was really fun to go and see him grow from the morning to later in the day.  I really loved being able to lead by example and help him over come some of his fears.  It really pushed me as well to be better and overcome some of my fears and doubts.  I hope so bad that I will be training this next transfer because just like with an investigator this truly no better joy then helping someone feel loved and change for the better.

Nothing to excitng has really happened this weekend besides the fact that it is starting to rain every day and get super cold!  The rain is different compared to utah and is just non stop and gets super wet.
I'm ok with it though because when we are knocking people feel bad and are more willing to talk and that gives us the chance to bring the spirit in and baptize them! hahah I just want a baptism so bad, but I know that as long as I keep working hard and being obedient the Lord is happy with me.  In district meetin our zone leaders said something very intersting.  When we wake up the things we read in the scriptures are no different then things we can bring about during the day.  And when we go to bed and write in our journals that night the things we write can be no different then the things we read in the scriptures.
We can see mircales everyday we just have to realize its a miracle.
We probably aren't going to be struct dumb by an Angel like Alma, but maybe we can make some happy and smile or lighten someones burden that day.  It may not be a miracle to you, but it is for that person and you will be blessed for it as you do it.

Now time for the real spiritual thought.  I have really been thinking about what to say and for some reason I just really want to talk about hope.  We hear so much that we need faith in Christ and in no means am I trying to say that isn't important because it is the most important step. But so many of us think that as long as we have that faith we are good for the rest of our lives or thats all that is required of us.  It is not we also need to have hope.  Now the hope I'm talking about isn't just saying oh I hope mom doesn't ground me or I hope its a good day.  No the hope I am talking about is the Hope that Heavenly Father will and is going to keep all his promises.  If you imagine you have a boat and that boat is you.  You are out sailing enjoying yourself when all of a sudden a nasty storm hits.  You have all this rope, but then you realize you have no anchor and that you are doomed and will eventually be lost and swallowed up in the darkness of the storm.  Now the rope is faith in Jesus christ. You need that rope, but you can't do anyting with it unless you have an anchor.  That anchor is hope.  Once you tie the rope into the anchor and throw it into the see and you are secure you know that you can ride the storm out and be safe.  So in our lives when the adversary is hitting us with everything he as we can be swallowed up in darkness and be lost without hope.  We must rely on our faith that we can hope for better things to come.  We know that God has a plan for us and that he wants us to make it back to him.  Moroni tells us in Ether 12:4 that "Hope is the anchor to our souls."  When all seems lost and we feel like we are going to be lost at sea forever let us throw our anchor in with hope tied to our faith in Christ and wait with patience for the things to come.  I know we at times feel like we are nothing and that nobody wants us around anymore or that we can do no good.  Don't let doubts and fears consume who you really are.  We are all beautiful and wonderful Sons and Daughters of God.  He loves every single one of us with a perfect love and he has plan and purpose for each one of us.
He knows our strengths and weaknesses and what we can handle.  Have faith and hope that Heavenly Father knows who you are and what he wants you to do and be.  It is not easy in todays world to secure or anchor of hope, but through Jesus Christ I know that we can make it through anything.  I just want to bear my testimony to you that I know Christ lives and that he knows and loves all of us.  I feel is love more and more for me everyday as I go out and serve his children.  We are imperfect but Christ is perfect and has a perfect love for us.
Hold on in that love.

I love you all to pieces and keep being the amazing people you are and continue to grow in faith and hope in Christ!


Elder Wilson

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